How I doubled my Instagram following (and made 2k)

Photo: Sara Tasker
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This is what my Instagram feed looked like a few months ago.

Does it make your head hurt? It does mine.

My Instagram feed back in October 2016

This is what my Instagram feed looks like now.

My Instagram feed January 2017

Much better isn’t it?

I also have 1000 new followers, and regularly get 100 + likes 50+ comments on each post. You can check out my account here. 

But it’s not about the numbers (I’d be the first to say that 1850 followers is pretty modest).

It’s about the engagement.

Due to the relationships I’ve built up over on Instagram over the past few months I’ve sold dozens of products and attracted at least five new business owners into my membership community – totalling around 2k in sales.

Not a bad return on an investment on 15-20 minutes a day, is it?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Posted one image every single day for 90 days (ok, maybe I missed one day at Christmas)
  • Posted at a similar time each day
  • Used hashtags to make it easier for people to find my content
  • Learned how to take better photos (even though I don’t see myself as artistic)
  • Formed Instagram engagement pods with other business owners
  • Created a posting schedule and used the Mosaico app to plan my content

What’s my secret? 

Instagram pro and coach Sara Tasker

Sara has 146k followers on Instagram, has worked with dozens of big brands and now helps business owners grow their influence on Instagram.

I interviewed her for my podcasthad a few hours’ coaching with her, then put what she shared with me into practice.

Sara is  the  guest speaker at my Soulful Marketing event on Thursday Feb 23 in London. I’d love you to come along and meet Sara so you can grow your following (and most importantly, your sales) on Instagram.

In her 90 minute session, she’ll be talking about:

  • How to attract more likes, comments and followers
  • How to create better images
  • Her favourite Instagram tools and apps
  • Using Instagram Stories to promote your business
  • How to sell on Instagram

If you’re after 1-2-1 advice, you can stay on for our Spotlight session, where Sara will give you personalised feedback on your Instagram account (maximum 8 participants).

You can book your ticket here.

You’ll also benefit from the rest of the day, when I’ll be sharing all my tips and tactics on: email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and how to promote yourself online without sounding like you have a mahoosive ego. 

If you’ve been to any of my events before, you’ll know you’ll also get to spend the day with a group of inspiring women, and will leave buzzing with ideas on how to promote your business more effectively (and if you haven’t – you’re in for a treat!).

I’m not into getting bums on seats, so if this event is not right for you I’ll tell you straight. So drop me a line on  if you have any questions. 



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