How to do PR if you feel like a fraud

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How to do PR if you feel like a fraud

If I had a pound for every woman who told me she didn’t feel ‘ready’ for PR because she was worried journalists wouldn’t take her seriously, I’d have a big house and a fancy car by now.

This is the kind of thing I hear all the time:

‘I’m worried journalists won’t think my business is big enough’

‘I’m not an expert – I’m just a blogger/business owner’

‘Why would a journalist choose to speak to me when there are other people out there – people who are far more qualified?’

But if you’re holding back on PR, it’s probably not for the reasons you think.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners and this is what I’ve learned: if you’re feeling wobbly about PR, your confidence isn’t the problem – it’s your online marketing.

What you’re really worried about is that your website isn’t fancy enough, you don’t have enough social media followers and your email list is small (or non-existent). So even if a journalist does want to feature your business, you won’t be able to make the most of the opportunity. In fact, prospective clients who hear about you in a glossy magazine or on TV might even be turned off when they look you up online.

Sound familiar? Please feel reassured that you’re not alone – and that your fears are perfectly valid. If you don’t have the basics locked down with your online marketing, you’re right to think that the coverage you get in newspapers, magazines and on radio & TV will have less of an impact on your business.

This is why I encourage all my clients to back up a bit and ensure they have the basics in the place before they start going after high-profile media coverage.

These are:

  • A website that works for your business (it doesn’t have to be fancy but it does need the basics, like a decent ‘about’ page and good quality images)
  • An email list-building strategy – and a method of collecting website visitors’ email addresses

  • A content strategy – publishing new content on your website at least once a week

  • A social media strategy – being active, daily, on at least two social media platforms

While most business owners I speak to have some of this locked down, there are usually missing pieces. So it’s this that’s sapping your confidence about pitching to the likes of Guardian or Grazia – not your professional credentials.

My mission for 2017 is to help more business owners like you get your online marketing in place, so you look and feel good online. This will make you feel like the expert you truly are and give you the confidence to pitch to high-profile publications and programmes.

That’s why I’m kicking off the year with my Soulful Marketing event on Feb 23. And if any of what I’ve said in this post has resonated with you, you definitely you need to be there.

Instagram pro and expert Sara Tasker will be sharing her marketing tips too

Not only will you get to meet other business owners who feel the same as you, you’ll also get a special lunchtime masterclass with Instagram pro and expert Sara Tasker about how you can use the platform to grow your business. Even if you’re not an Instagrammer, I think you’ll get so much value (and inspiration) from hearing how the former speech and language therapist gained 146k followers on Instagram and turned her hobby into a six figure business.

I’m not into getting bums on seats, so just send me an email if you have a question –

If I don’t feel the event is for you, I will tell you straight. You can book your ticket here.

Why not join my 10 Day PR Challenge?  Click here to join. 

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