Kimanzi Constable used to be a bread delivery guy. Now he's a writer who's sold over 100,000 copies of his books and been published on hundreds of influential blogs and websites including the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Good Men Project, Fox News, MindBodyGreen & many more. 

In this episode, he shares his tips & advice on how you can use guest posting to grow your business or brand. 

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • Kimanzi's journey from 'bread guy' to writer (& how he lost 170 pounds, saved his marriage & moved his family to Hawaii along the way)
  • How he pitched and placed 80 guest posts in influential blogs & websites - in his first year of writing (with no formal training)
  • The article he wrote that helped sell 2,200 copies of his book
  • Where Kimanzi gets his ideas from (his writing output is incredible)
  • His insider tips for successful guest posting (including writing great bios, headlines & 'cross-over' articles)

Key resources and links

How to become a contributing writer on large media sites (Kimanzi’s interview on the Pat Flynn podcast)

Kimanzi's website

Kimanzi on Twitter & Facebook 

Kimanzi's new book Stop Chasing Influencers (out next month)

Articles we talk about in this episode

7 choices you'll regret at the end of your life  & the day after my wife & I separated (two of Kimanzi's 'viral' Huffington Post articles)

After 16 years with my wife, it still feels like the honeymoon period  (another of Kimanzi's viral posts)

49 words you should avoid in your press releases 

How to do PR if you're an introvert

5 reasons why social media marketing is overrated 

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