[023] How I landed 200 media interviews in a year with Denise Duffield -Thomas

How I landed 200 media interviews in a year with Denise Duffield

Denise Duffield -Thomas is a money mindset mentor. She's also brilliant at getting interviews in the mainstream media & on popular blogs and podcasts.

Denise has been featured in titles like Cosmopolitan, Grazia,  Cleo, Body & Soul and in this episode, she talks about how she made it happen and shares some of her best pitching tips. 

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • Denise's journey from broke to million dollar business
  • How she pitched and secured 200 media interviews in a year
  • Why Denise prefers being interviewed for business podcasts to traditional media
  • How Denise decides which media opportunities to pursue
  • Her insider tips for successful pitching

Key resources and links

How to get interviewed 200 times a year for your blog 

Denise's website

Denise on TwitteFacebook 

Denise's book Get Rich Lucky Bitch (get the first free chapters free)

Eventual Millionaire  podcast with Jamie Tardy

Show me the money: why women need to stop working for free  (my Guardian article)

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