[033] How to use Facebook groups to promote your business with Jill Stanton

How to use facebook groups to proote your business with Jill Stanton

If you have an online business, building a strong community or tribe is vital. 

There are many ways you can do this, including sharing free content on blogs, podcasts, email newsletters, social media networks or in online communities like Facebook groups. 

In this episode, Screw the Nine to Five co-founder Jill Stanton shares her tips and strategies for promoting your business through Facebook groups – a strategy that has helped skyrocket sales in her business. 

Here’s what’s covered in this episode:

  • Jill’s entrepreneurial journey – from affiliate marketing to teaching online business (while travelling the world with her husband Josh) 
  • The strategies she has used to build a 7000 strong Facebook community (including a nifty content schedule)
  • Why Jill prioritises getting people into her Facebook group over getting them onto her email list (the opposite approach to many online business owners)
  • How Jill and her business (& life) partner Josh use sales funnels to turn Facebook community members into paying customers
  • How guest posting has helped Jill grow her community & business (plus her ninja tip for finding new opportunities)

Key resources and links

Jill’s website 

Jill’s Facebook group 

Jill on Twitter 

Meet Edgar (the tool Jill and I use for content scheduling)

App Sumo – the software I used to create a Welcome mat on my website

Soulful PR Coaching programme 

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