How to land a TEDx talk with Elizabeth McCourt

[035] How to land a TEDx talk with Elizabeth McCourt

Public speaking can be a great way to promote your brand, build influence and credibility. And you can’t get much more prestigious than a TED or TEDx talk.

Leadership coach Elizabeth McCourt recently did her first TEDx talk on why you should spill your secrets. In this episode, she shares how she made it happen – from how she navigated the application process to how she prepared for her talk.

Here’s what’s covered in this episode:

  • How Elizabeth moved from corporate recruitment to leadership coaching
  • An introduction to the TED Movement and TEDx talks
  • How Elizabeth secured her TEDx talk (including the application process)
  • How being a member of Toastmasters has helped Elizabeth improve her public speaking skills
  • How Elizabeth’s TEDx talk has impacted on her business
  • The link between sporting and business performance and how Elizabeth uses this in her coaching

Key resources and links

Elizabeth’s website

Elizabeth on Twitter


Why you should spill your secrets (Elizabeth’s TEDx talks)

The Power of Vulnerability & Listening to Shame (Brene Brown’s Ted Talks)

Soulful PR for One (my 1-2-1 PR coaching programme)

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