[043] How to build & promote a profitable online business with Patricia Van Den Akker

How to build and promote a profitable online business with Patricia Van Dekker

Many online business owners dream of building multiple streams of income including membership sites, coaching and live events. Patricia Van Den Akker, has done just that with the Design Trust - an online business school for designers and makers.

In this episode, Patricia shares practical tips and strategies on building an online business, creating multiple streams of income and becoming a 'go to' person in your industry. She also talks about how she's managed to become a contributor for influential industry publications  - and how that has impacted on her business.

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • Patricia's business story (including being made redundant four times)
  • How 'niching down' has helped Patricia build a successful social enterprise
  • How Patricia has created multiple streams of income, including a membership site
  • Patricia's outreach strategy for finding new clients
  • How Patricia promotes her business via social and traditional media

Key resources and links

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The Design Trust on Twitter 

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