[051] How to use live events to promote your brand with Chris Marr

how to use live events to promote your brand with chris marr

With more of us doing business online, it's easy to forget the value of the in-person experience. Running live events can be a valuable way to grow trust, build new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.

In this episode, Chris shares his tips and strategies on using live events to promote your brand:

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • How live events can help you promote your business
  • Chris's tips for newbies on getting started with live events
  • How to decide what kind of events to run
  • Why Chris believes you need a “starving audience” to launch a live event (& how to create one)
  • Tips on pricing your live events
  • Why people need to be exposed to your content multiple times before they buy (& how that impacts on your marketing)
  • Creative marketing ideas for your events (including using personalised video)

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