[053] Why most people are horrible at telling stories with Peter Shankman

why most poeple are horrible at telling stories wiwth peter shankman

Peter Shankman is probably best known for founding Help A Reporter Out (HARO) - which connects journalists with people who want to be featured in the media. 

Today he's a speaker, consultant and bestselling author who regularly appears in the national and international media, including Fox News, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

In this episode, Peter explains where most people go wrong with telling their story in the media - and how to do it better.

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • How Peter created Help A Reporter Out and had a quarter of a million users within months
  • Why Peter believes listening is the key to selling your story in the media (and how to do it better)
  • How skimping on the basics - like researching the publications/programmes you're pitching to - can stop you getting media coverage
  • Why 'trend' stories are so compelling to journalists (and how to create 'trend' stories around your business or brand)
  • Practical tips on how to network with journalists on social media and get more appearances on radio & TV

Key links and resources

Peter's website 

Shankminds (Peter's mastermind group)

Faster Than Normal (Peter's site  about living with ADD/ADHD)

Peter on Twitter 

Can we do that? Outrageous PR stunts that work - and why your company needs them (Peter's book)

Help A Reporter Out 


Soulful PR Live 

The Soulful PR Business Club 

New Media Europe 2016 (I'm speaking on how to get big media coverage on a small business budget)

My FREE Soulful PR Facebook Community

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