[066] How to develop your pitching muscle (and why you need to)

how to develop pitching muscle and why you need to

If you want to create great PR opportunities for your business, you need to develop your 'pitching muscle.'

That means practising every single day: suggesting a story idea to a journalist,  pitching yourself as a podcast guest or putting yourself forward to speak at an event, for example.

It doesn't really matter what you pitch; what's important is getting in the habit of making yourself vulnerable and asking.

Why? Because the more you do it, the better you'll get (both at pitching  and brushing off the inevitable knock backs).

Here’s what I cover in this episode:

  • Why you should be making a #dailypitch
  • How to build up your 'pitching muscle'
  • How pitching every day has helped me grow my business

Key resources and links

How to use the media to reinvent your personal brand with Sarah Newton (episode 45)

Soulful PR Live - spend a day with me & eight national journalists in London on July 7

The Soulful PR Business Club

The Soulful PR Facebook Community 

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