[071] How to have better sales conversations with Petra Foster

how to have better sales conversations with petra foster

Just three years ago, Petra Foster was utterly miserable. She was managing a hostel for teenage parents, and rapidly falling out of love with her job . Meanwhile, her husband was working crazy hours as a long-distance lorry driver.

Nowadays, she has six figure business teaching people how to sell premium price services with ease and believes her success is all down to knowing how to sell. 

In this episode, she shares practical strategies for converting conversations into paying clients (and how you can use these tactics when you're pitching to the media).

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • How Petra quit her job to sell t-shirts, door-to-door, and turned it into a profitable business.
  • What happened when Petra discovered content marketing and started selling her products online
  • Why Petra believes sales is simply about 'asking intelligent questions'
  • How to make sales before you even speak to prospective clients
  • Practical strategies for dealing with objections (and the difference between objections and concerns)
  • How sales tactics can help you when you're pitching to the media
  • Why Petra believes video is more powerful than written copy for sales

Key resources

Petra's website 

Petra's Youtube channel 

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