[093] How to use Instagram to promote your business with Sara Tasker

how to use instagram to pr your business

Three years ago, Sara Tasker was a speech and language therapist working for the National Health Service. Now she’s an Instagram pro and coach, who helps others grow their businesses through Instagram. 

In this episode , Sarah explains how she grew her Instagram following to 110k in just a few years – and shares some of her best tips on using the social media platform to promote your business.

Here’s what’s covered in this episode:

  • Sarah’s business story: from speech and language therapist to social media expert
  • Why Sarah believes the best Instagram accounts tell a story
  • Sarah’s tips on taking great photos with your smartphone, including her favourite apps
  • Practical strategies for building engagement on Instagram, including hashtags
  • How Sarah has secured sponsorship for her Instagram account and blog
  • Sarah’s tips on the optimum posting time and frequency

Key resources

My ten-day PR challenge – starts Monday September 19

Sarah’s website 

Sarah on Instagram and Twitter 

A colour story, VSCOMosaic, Iconosquare (Sara’s favourite Instagram apps)

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How photography can help you create a memorable brand (episode 87)

**MY NEW BOOK ** Your Press Release Is Breaking My Heart (A Totally Unconventional Guide To Selling Your Story In The Media)

My Soulful PR group coaching  programme (starts in September)

The Soulful PR Business Club 

My FREE Soulful PR Facebook Community

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