[097]How to legally protect your online business with Genevieve Shingle-Jaffe

how to leaglly protect your business with genevieve

Genevieve Shingle-Jaffe - aka the Shiny Lawyer - helps business owners protect their businesses - both through online training and off-the-shelf legal documents that can be customised for your business.

In this episode, she explains the biggest legal mistakes online business owners make and how to avoid them.

Here’s what's covered in this episode:

  • Genevieve's business journey: from corporate lawyer  to running her own online business
  • The essential legal documents Genevieve believes every business owner needs
  • What kind of budget to aside for your essential legal documents
  • How to protect your brand through trademarking
  • What kind of things you should consider when putting legal documents e.g. refund policies together
  • How (and why) Genevieve turned her legal knowledge into an online course
  • Why getting your legal documents in order is a PR issue

Key resources

Genavieve's website 

Genavieve on Twitter  and Instagram 

Suzanne Dibble - UK lawyer specialising in small businesses

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Soulful PR session with Hannah Fearn, opinion editor, the Independent (Nov 23)

Soulful PR session with Andrea Thompson, Features Director, Marie Claire magazine,The Guardian (Dec 15)

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