10 reasons to attend Build Your Audience Live 2019

Attending conferences and workshops is one of best things you can do for your business. Taking a break from your daily routine to invest in your own learning and personal development can spark new ideas and relationships that can deliver a return on investment.

But deciding which conferences and workshops to attend can be tricky. Not only is there the price of your ticket to consider, you may also need to think about travel, accommodation, food – and time spent away from your business.

Here’s 10 reasons Build Your Audience Live is well worth the investment.

1.You’ll learn how to build your following on social media…so you can attract your ideal clients

If you want to launch an online course, membership community or coaching programme – or even if you just want to attract more of your ideal clients online – you need to ensure that you have an audience that’s big enough to reach your sales targets. Having a loyal social media following means you always have a constant flow of clients and never have to worry where your next client is coming from.  All the expert speakers at Build Your Audience Live have built up a substantial followings on one or more social media platform. This has allowed them to generate passive income from online courses, memberships and affiliate programmes and they’re happy to share their strategies with you. 

2.You’ll learn how to get more engagement on your social media posts

Is your Facebook page like a ghost town? Is there tumbleweed blowing through your LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram account? If that sounds familiar, you’re probably not making enough money (at least not on social media). At Build Your Audience Live you’ll learn how to attract more followers on social media – and create engaging content they’ll actually want to like, comment and share.  This will help you to attract your ideal clients without looking pushy or ‘selly’. 

3.You’ll learn which social media platforms you should be using to promote your business

If your social media following isn’t growing and/or you’re not getting the engagement you feel you should be, the first question you need to ask yourself is: ‘am I actually on the right platforms?’

While you may want to stick with Facebook or LinkedIn because that’s what you know and/or like, that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for your business.  If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done…you’ll get exactly the same results.

That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date with various social media platforms (even the ones you’re not currently active on). Not only will this help ensure you’re on the right ones, you’ll also pick up transferable tips and strategies you can apply on the platforms you are active on.

Here’s the speaker list. Where else would you get to meet some of the world’s most inspiring marketing experts in one place, at one time?

4.You’ll learn how to generate income from a business blog/vlog

If you’re creating regular blog/vlog content every week, spending ages researching, writing or filming and promoting, but it’s not making you any money, you’re probably feeling frustrated right now. At Build Your Audience Live you’ll learn how to create strategic blog/vlog content that people actually want to read/watch – and will actually lead to sales. If you haven’t started your business blog/vlog yet…you’ll learn how to do it right from the off (saving yourself tons of time and money in the process).

5.You’ll learn how to build your email list (plus why you need one)

If you’re serious about growing your business, getting prospective clients on your email list should be a priority.  Most online sales convert at around 1-2%, which means for every 100 people on your email list, only a small number will actually buy from you. This means you need a lot more people on your email list than you think.  At Build Your Audience Live you’ll get tips and tactics on growing your email list so you always have people to sell to (and can make money while you sleep).

6.You’ll get personalised feedback on your marketing – from some of the world’s leading experts

Build Your Audience Live is not one of those events where the speakers deliver their talk, then leave. Our speakers stay for the whole event, so you’ll get to hang out with them for the full event. We keep the event deliberately small (80 delegates max) and all our speakers stay for the full event so you can chat to them over, coffee, lunch, dinner – and during our dedicated table talks. And there’s absolutely NO queuing at the side of the stage for a selfie or to get a few seconds to pick their brain…these guys are all yours for the ENTIRE event. 

7. You’ll get to hang out with like-minded people

Taking time out from your daily routine with like-minded people is good for you. Not only will you come away from the event with fresh ideas, you’ll also meet people you may want to collaborate with in the future and make new friends.

8.You’ll get help implementing what you’ve learned

At Build Your Audience Live you don’t just get “talked at” from the stage – the event is jam-packed with practical activities and takeaways and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to work through what you’re learning and plot out your next steps, all whilst you’re at the event. What better time to work out how to implement all the new strategies you’ve picked up, than when you still have all the experts on hand?

9.You’ll have a really good time

Our live events are renowned for their buzz and atmosphere and you’ll feel part of the community before you’ve even got to the event. You’ll get to meet fellow delegates – and speakers in our dedicated Facebook group and at our pre-event briefing call (we use the video conferencing software Zoom). We also produce a high-quality workbook with a photo and contact details for every single delegate and speaker – so when you walk in the room, you can easily identify people with common ground (making it much easier to start a conversation). We also organise dinner and drinks for delegates close to the venue on the evening of June 27 (and possibly also on June 26 depending on how many people are in London ahead of the event). This can often be where the magic happens, as you get to know both your fellow delegates and the speakers on a more personal level and chat through ideas in a relaxed environment.

10.You’ll make more money

Take a look at this list of achievements:

  • Management Accountant Carmel generated an additional £8.5k in sales
  • Handbag and accessory designer Jen Hamley made 12k in Facebook Live sales
  • Business coach Alison Jones increased her income by 250%
  • Virtual Assistant Catherine Gladwyn generated £1.8k in business
  • Dog photographer Kerry Jordan added 1.6k subscribers to her email list

All as a result of investing in attending one of my live events.

Hand on heart, if you want to grow your online audience in 2019, I think you should be at Build Your Audience Live.  You can book your ticket here.  Remember there are ONLY EIGHT mastermind tickets (that’s the extra session for the really brave! In the Build Your Audience Live Mastermind you get 20 minutes in the hotseat to talk about your business or brand with our speakers. They’ll give you honest feedback (warts and all) on your current efforts to grow your audience and offer specific tips to help you get to where you want to be. Not only will you get specific, tailored feedback on your own business or brand, you’ll also get to hear what they have to say to others – an absolutely priceless experience).

If you want to join me at Build Your Audience Live on June 27th & 28th 2019, then you can grab your ticket here