how your personal image impacts your business with loulou storey

[171] How your personal image impacts on your business with Loulou Storey

Whether you like it or not, people judge on appearance. Which means your personal style can say a lot about your business and how you operate.

In this episode, stylist and confidence coach Loulou Storey shares practical tips on how to use your clothes as a tool for business success.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Loulou’s business story – from retail management to stylist and confidence coach
  • Why becoming mindless about what you wear can affect how you feel about yourself
  • A 30-second style challenge that can make a massive difference to your confidence
  • Tips on what to wear if you’re attending a networking event
  • How to get excited about your wardrobe again – and where to find inspiration for new looks
  • Loulou’s advice on how to inject personality into your outfits
  • Why you should wear favourite items every day – and not just for ‘best’
  • Whether you should listen to other people’s opinions about what you wear

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