Plan out your content for the year with my 2019 Media Diary 

The 2019 Media Diary is packed full of awareness days and key dates you can use to plan out your media content across the year. No more trawling the web for inspiration for blog articles, social media updates or ideas to pitch into the press. 

Planning your content ahead will not only save you time looking for content ideas. You’ll also be more consistent (what gets written down generally gets done), be able to produce content in batches (another big timesaver) and find it easier to create super shareable content e.g. video, audio and/or infographics (instead of throwing something together at the last minute). 

You'll also make more money. If you’re publishing high-quality content on your website (e.g. a blog/vlog) you’ll move up the search engine rankings quicker (so you appear on the first few pages of Google), attract more traffic to your website and add more email subscribers to your list. All of which will result in more leads and sales for your business.

Who's behind the 2019 Media Diary? 

I’m Janet Murray – marketing expert, author, speaker and the host of the Janet Murray podcast.  

I teach small business owners how how to promote their products/services – so they’re not constantly wondering where their next client/customer is coming from.  

I believe you don’t have to be pushy/selly to generate a constant stream of leads and sales for your business. But you do have to be consistent: publishing regular content on a blog/vlog, building your email list (and sending your subscribers valuable content), being active on a number of social media platforms and getting featured in the press.  

That’s where the 2019 Media Diary comes in.

Here’s what you get: 

  • A beautiful A4 desk diary (a week per page) with 168 pages
  • Hundreds of awareness days and key dates you can can use to plan your blog/vlog content, email marketing, social media and ideas to pitch to the traditional media (i.e. newspapers, magazines, radio & TV)
  • A quick-start guide on how to use significant dates/events to generate content ideas
  • A week-per-view content planner so you can plan exactly what you're going to post where, 365 days a year
  • Check-lists, to-do lists, prompts and planners to keep you on track 
  • Detailed instructions on how to use your planner to create shareable content (includes case studies) 

Why people say about the media diary...

Laure Moyle,

"I use my media diary every day - it's my best helper at work’"

Alishia Love, Photographer,

"I used the diary to plan the content for my discount sale - and got a big return on investment.’"

Sara Parker, Marketing Manager,

"It helped us to improve our content planning and repurpose our blog content more effectively."

Beth Searle, Founder, 

"The awareness days are a great inspiration for social media content." 

Jenny Bell,

"I can keep an eye on what's going on for the whole month. It's like my 'control station'."

Jenni Fuchs, Museum Consultant,

"It's helped me be a lot more strategic about planning content for my blog."