Create your 2021 content plan in a day AND get the accountability to publish consistent content - throughout 2021

Here’s why 500+ coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs have already invested in 2021 Sorted (and why you should join them).


Want to get 2021 sorted ?

What you’ll get from 2021 Sorted


Get inspiration from some of the world’s most successful content creators on how to create unforgettable content in 2021
and beyond


Get your content plan created for 2021 - live, at the event. A plan that's robust enough to keep you accountable, but flexible enough to adapt if you need to (vital in these 
uncertain times). 


Get support and accountability to stay consistent with your content... via weekly emails, quarterly group coaching calls and a dedicated Facebook community.

What's inside the club?


Plan your 2021 content AND get inspiration from some of the world’s most successful content creators on how to create unforgettable content in 2021 and beyond.


What’s included with 2021 Sorted?

Is the #2021sorted club right for you?

Yes No
Small business owner
Creative arts (e.g. writer, photographer, artist, designer, performer)
Business support (e.g. VA, social media manager, PR/marketing, accountancy, HR, web development )
Health/leisure business (e.g. personal trainer, health coach, therapist, nutritionist)
In a government/education/public services role
Product-based business
Service-based business
Charity/social enterprise*
Online business
New business
Create content strategy on behalf of clients

If you want step-by-step instructions on how to create a content plan (and accountability/support to stick to it) #2021sorted is for you.

Need more reassurance?

Here’s a list of some of the kinds of businesses I’ve helped with content planning/creation.

Glamping site owners, genealogists, costume designers, accountants, psychologists, personal trainers, coaches/consultants, holiday cottage owners, estate agents, wedding planners, jewellery designers, artists, writers, vocal coaches, nutritionists, business coaches, universities, cake makers, hair stylists, jewellery designers.

If you need help with content planning…I can help.

What people say

If you’re reading this thinking ‘this all sounds great, but will I get a return on investment?’…this is what previous delegates have said about attending my events.

'I've launched a podcast and a membership site'

At last year's content planning event #2020sorted Janet challenged me to start a podcast. I launched in March and I'm now 25 episodes in. Having a consistent content schedule has helped me launch an online course and a membership site.

Rachel Spencer, Publicity for Pet Businesses'

'I've launched my own awareness day, industry survey and podcast'

Inspired by one of the talks at last year's event I've launched my own awareness day - Love Your Accountant Day on August 25 - along with an industry survey. I also launched my Love Your Numbers podcast - another idea I had at #2020sorted - and am now 24 episodes in. 

Mahmood Reza, Accountant 

About the creator of the #2021 Sorted club

Janet Murray helps entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives build online audiences. 

She is a podcaster, author and speaker who has spoken all over the world about content strategy, marketing and building online audiences. 

Janet is also the creator of the Social Media Diary & Planner – a content planning tool for coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs.

How much does it cost?

2021 Sorted Club

(Includes £800 of additional resources)

Who should join the club?

  • Small business owners
  • Coaches, consultants, experts 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers, podcasters, Youtubers
  • Creatives (i.e. folk who work in marketing, advertising, design, comms, PR)
  • Social media managers/consultants

Q1: When will I get my diary?

Your diary should be posted out within a few working days of your order. If you’re not in the UK, please bear in mind that it will take longer to reach you.

Q2: I’ve just bought 2021 Sorted. When will I get access to the digital resources?

You will receive an email within a few minutes of placing your order with confirmation of your purchase and information on how to access the members’ site (where the resources are hosted). If you haven’t received anything, please read Q8.  

You will also be able to join my Batch Your Content Like A Boss masterclass  on Thursday 26 November @12pm (GMT). If you are unable to attend live, the replay will be available within 24 hours of the live class. 

You’ll receive your first edition of the Content Inspo newsletter on Monday December 27 – and after that, every single Monday.

The quarterly group coachings will take place on:

Thursday January 7 @midday (GMT) 

Thursday March 4 @midday (GMT)

Thursday June 3 @midday (BST) 

Thursday Sep 2  @midday (BST)

Recordings will be available of all the live sessions (within 24 hours of a live class) so there’s no need to worry if you can’t make it live. 


This guidance above is shared with the information we have at our disposal right now. But we are aware that the situation could change – particularly in relation to the changing COVID-19 situation. Which means we reserve the right to change the information above (including posting dates) if necessary. 

Q3: I’m not based in the UK – can I still buy the /2021 Sorted Club?


Q4: What’s your refund policy? 

Please be advised that we don’t offer refunds/exchanges. So please make sure you’re certain before you purchase 2021 Sorted. 

Q5: I don’t want to buy the whole 2021 Sorted package. Can I just buy the parts I want as separates e.g. the awareness days/the digital version of the story?

No. You can only buy the 2021 Sorted package – with or without the 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner 

Q6: Do you have an affiliate scheme?

I do have an affiliate scheme, but this is only open to members of my Build Your Online Audience programme (who own a diary) and/or individuals who have purchased my 2021 Sorted Club. 

This is because I only want people recommending who genuinely love and use the product. 

If you would like to enquire about joining the affiliate scheme, please email: [email protected] 

Q7: What’s the difference between buying your Social Media Diary & Planner and buying 2021 Sorted?

If you buy the diary, you get a copy of my 2021 Social Media Diary & Planner and a monthly newsletter with additional awareness days/key dates. 

If you buy 2021 Sorted Digital, you get all of that…PLUS:

✔️ All of the recordings of my 2021 Sorted virtual event. 

✔️ A digital version of the diary (both a pdf version and and file you can use to add the awareness days/key dates to your diary) 

✔️ A weekly email from me with ideas on how you can use the dates in the diary to generate social media posts, blogs, newsletters etc 

✔️ My Batch Your Content Like A Boss masterclass on Thursday November 26 

✔️ Four group coaching calls across the year, to keep you on track with your content creation/planning 

✔️Additional resources and templates to help with  your content planning

Q8: I’ve purchased 2021 Sorted…but I haven’t received anything

Send us an email..but before you do, please read the following information. Here are the most typical reasons for non-delivery of digital resources.

  • You use a different email address for PayPal/Stripe transactions. So check the email account you use for purchase (we’ll be happy to switch it over for you, but you will need to locate your order information first)
  • It’s hiding in your spam (so do give that a quick check)
  • You have unsubscribed from my email address. Which means – under data protection law – we cannot deliver your purchase to you. And yes…that includes emailing you to tell you we can’t deliver it to you! I know this might make you mad, but the laws are there to protect YOU from receiving unwanted email communication. So please don’t get mad at me/my team…send us an email and we’ll fix it for you ASAP
  • Your payment has failed….so do check your Paypal/Stripe for a record of your comment

If you’ve checked that out and you still can’t find your purchase, send us an email on [email protected]  

In order to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, we need the following information:

✔️The date of your order

✔️The item(s) your ordered

✔️The email address you used for your order

✔️The order number (if you have it). If you haven’t don’t 

If you just send a message saying ‘my diary has just arrived and/or ‘I didn’t get a confirmation for my purchase’, it will take longer for us to help you.  

Please note that our working hours are 9 – 5pm (BST/GMT) Monday – Friday (excluding Public holidays) so if you email/message out of those hours, please bear this in mind. 

If someone from my team is around outside of those hours, they may try to help…but this is their choice and not your ‘right’ as a customer.

So please be kind in your dealings with myself and my team. If you encounter a problem, we will do our best to help as quickly as possible. But please be aware that if you are rude/aggressive in any way, we reserve the right not to have you as a customer/client.

Email: [email protected]

Q9: What’s the difference between 2021 Sorted and the Build Your Online Audience programme? 

2021 Sorted is an online resource for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who want ideas, support and accountability with content creation and planning.

Build Your Online Audience is an online membership programme dedicated to helping you grow your online following (i.e. followers, fans and subscribers).

So 2021 Sorted focuses on content and creation and planning.

While Build Your Online Audience focuses on growing an audience for that content.

Because the more of your ideal customers/clients you have in your audience, engaging with your content…the easier it will be for you to attract customers/clients.

Q10: Can I buy 2021 Sorted and Build Your Online Audience together?

Absolutely, yes (if you pay annually rather than monthly).

If you already have 2021 Sorted, you can upgrade to the Full On Janet Murray Experience (2021 Sorted PLUS Build Your Online Audience)

If you already have Build Your Online Audience, you can upgrade to the Full-On Janet Murray Experience (2021 Sorted PLUS Build Your Online Audience) by emailing [email protected]

If you’re a monthly member of Build Your Online Audience and would like to switch your membership, drop us a line on [email protected]

 *IMPORTANT NOTE* This guidance above is shared with the information we have at our disposal right now. But we are aware that the situation could change – particularly in relation to the changing COVID-19 situation. Which means we reserve the right to change the information above (including posting dates) if necessary.