My first interview with Instagram expert Sara Tasker has been my most popular podcast episode ever.

So I invited Sara back on as a guest, to find out what has changed on Instagram since her appearance and get an update on ways you can use the platform to grow your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Sara Tasker got started on Instagram and grew her following to over 180k
  • Sara’s tips on getting started with Instagram to promote your business
  • What Sara thinks about the mix of sharing ‘perfect’ photography and more ‘authentic’ posts
  • Practical ways to determine what type of content is right for your audience
  • Ways to get momentum going by starting conversations with your target audience
  • How to choose the right hashtags for your content - and when you should create your own
  • Tips on using Instagram’s bookmark option to save posts - and build up lists of useful contacts
  • Ways you can use Instagram Stories to improve your visibility
  • Recent changes to Instagram Live and how to make use of them
  • How to deal with negative voices

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