Do you struggle to set your prices? Or find yourself undercharging for your product or services?  

If so, you’ll love this episode with Sigrun, a business strategist and lifestyle entrepreneur, who has grown her income from zero to seven figures in four years, by confidently raising her prices and charging what she’s worth.  

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Sigrun’s business story - how seven months out of work due to sickness pushed her into setting up her own business (3:10)
  • How Sigrun’s business is structured and how it’s developed into what it is today (7:48)
  • The three different levels of mastermind groups Sigrun runs and why mastermind groups are so important for personal development (10:00)
  • How you can scale your income up (17:50)
  • How Sigrun’s prices began and how she’s increased them (18:30)
  • How you can start raising your prices and how Sigrun worked out how much to charge (24:58)
  • Why Sigrun asks herself how much would she be willing to invest in something, to know what to charge others for a similar service (29:38)
  • How to deal with money objections (33:01)
  • How to deal with people who say they can’t afford it (34:20)
  • Why ‘the first sale is to yourself’... (35:29)
  • How doubling your prices gets you better clients (38:20)

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