Do you ever struggle to think of ideas for Instagram Stories?  

Or maybe you’re just tired of posting the same old content and looking for fresh ideas that will boost your engagement  

This list of go-to Instagram Story ideas will keep you going...even on the days you’re feeling at your most uninspired.  


Before using Janet’s strategies I was lucky if I got a handful of comments on my social media posts. Within days of using her strategies one of my LinkedIn posts had attracted 64 comments. Engagement in my Facebook group is up by 396%!  

Anna Iveson, Virtual Assistant Specialist  

Since following Janet's advice my social media hasn't just become more effective but it's become more fun too. I now routinely get up to 100 comments on Facebook page posts and it's given me the confidence to launch an online course and Facebook group. I've learned to add personality to posts, involve my customers in my business and to give customers what they need rather than what I want to sell. The result? A Facebook page that's a real joy to work with. Thanks Janet!  

Cath Janes, Kraken Kreations  

I used to get decent views on my Instagram Stories, but not much engagement. Since using Janet’s tip to include an introduction and conclusion, my followers are interacting with the posts and asking questions.  

Daisy Schubert, personal stylist