Do you ever have a series of social media posts or marketing emails to write and find yourself wondering how you heck you can make the topic interesting? 

In this podcast episode, I share my secret strategy for turning ‘boring’ topics into super engaging content. 

It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. 

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode}

Podcast Shownotes


  • About this podcast episode (1:20)
  • About my Build Your Online Audience Programme (1:38)
  • About my story strategy to make a boring topic interesting  (7:30)
  • Why stories are so important when writing social media posts (7:52)
  • How to start thinking about your post and the message you want to share (9:00)
  • Examples of how to make boring topics interesting with stories (10:42)
  • Why you need to think about a central emotion in your story (13:02)
  • How to start your story with impact and drama (14:30)
  • Why relatable stories are important to bring your story to life (16:32)
  • How to use a story to make a sales deadline exciting (18:10)
  • Why your message doesn’t have to be exciting but the story does (19:59)
  • The four-part process you can use to write any social media post (22:19)
  • Example of how to structure your social media post (26:09)
  • How my four-part process will help organise your thoughts (27:40)
  • What to do if you don’t think you have any stories or ideas (28:10)
  • How to create a story bank of topics that you can use (28:44)
  • Some question prompts that will help you think of a story (28:52)
  • How sharing vulnerable stories will help you make stronger connections (30:18)


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