[427] How to make more money teaching online (and do it really well)

Want to become a better online teacher? And create online classes, that people can’t stop talking about and really make people sit up and listen?

Perhaps you’ve taught a few online classes but you’re worried that people get bored or you worry that you’re doing it all WRONG?

Maybe you’re thinking of launching some online training or creating a webinar or masterclass? But you’re not sure how to plan your lesson and how to engage people? If any of this sounds familiar then this podcast episode is a must-listen.

You’ll learn how to create lessons that people can’t get enough of and how to really stand out in the online teaching world.

I share the three questions that you need to ask yourself when planning an online class or training session – so that you can give people the BEST learning experience.

Find out how to bring your training to life and keep people interested and the most powerful thing that your online teaching can do for someone.

I’m sharing practical tips and quick wins that you can use to transform your online classes – which will help you generate MORE online income.

PLUS why you must take online training seriously if you’re using it to build your authority in your industry.

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Podcast shownotes

  • About my annual content planning event 2021 Sorted (01:20)
  • About this podcast episode and why I recorded it (8:09)
  • Why most people need to learn how to be a good teacher (10:09)
  • About my masterclass teacher training for online course creators (12:05)
  • The 3 important questions I ask myself before teaching online (13:04)
  • Why stories can help people relate and bring your training to life (15:20)
  • Why you should use closed and open-ended questions (16:32)
  • How to use closed questions at the beginning/end of a training session (18:24)
  • How to use polls and quizzes to break up the flow of the training session (21:23)
  • Why questions are so important in the learning process (23:01)
  • Why showing and not telling helps people remember things (24:10)
  • Why you need to mix up your teaching for the different learning styles (27:01)
  • How to use groups online or pair work to encourage learning (28:28)
  • Why a transformation in the training session is really important (30:22)
  • Why giving live feedback can change the pace of a class (32:44)
  • Why you should encourage people to share relatable stories (34:50)
  • My biggest fear about guests teachers (39:51)
  • Why you need to take online teaching seriously if you’re building your authority (40:28)
  • How you can see me in action teaching (40:55)


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