Five things you should do after a conference or workshop

Attending conferences or workshops can be exhausting. If you’re anything like me, when you get back home – or back to your hotel – the only thing you’ll feel like doing is putting your feet up, ordering in pizza and watching Netflix.

But when it comes to building relationships, the first few hours and days after a conference or workshops are the most important. Leave it too late to follow up on the connections you’ve made, and you could find you’ve missed the moment.

With that in mind, here’s five things you should do immediately after a conference or workshop.

1.Join in the socials

As my friend Andrew Pickering (one half of the content marketing duo Andrew and Pete) puts it, the best conversations often happen at the bar – after the event. So don’t rush off at the end unless you absolutely have to. Most event organisers now include evening socials (you can find out about the socials at Content Live in our Facebook community) so resist the lure of Netflix and get out there and socialise.

Hanging out with Andrew and Pete at Social Day

2.Follow up on social media

After a day of tweeting, tagging and re-sharing, you may feel like giving social media a miss for a while, but immediately after the event is the best time to follow up with people you’d like to stay in touch with.

Recording a short video/audio message and sending it over via Twitter or Facebook messenger can be a quick way to do this.

If you’re not attending the socials, posting about your journey home and any other reflections on the day will keep you top of mind.

Putting aside some time to go through the social media content that has been created during the day, tagging other guests and speakers into photographs and sharing other useful content will make you more memorable.

If you really want to be remembered, you could create a memento of the day using Storify (which allows you to collect social media updates, pictures, video and audio clips to create a ‘story’ of the day) or make an Adobe spark video.

Don’t forget to use the event hashtag (for the uninitiated, hashtags group together content on the same topic) even after the event has finished. 

Here’s some more ideas on how to use social media to stand out at a live event.  

3.Reflect on your learning

The best time to go through your notes is immediately after the event, when it’s all still fresh in your mind – ideally on your journey home or in your hotel room. Having all of your notes in one place will help you gather your ideas and give you an ongoing reference to go back to when you starting putting what you’ve learned into action. If you work in a team, this will also make it easier for you to feed back what you’ve learned to colleagues.  

We’ve created a smart-looking workbook for  Content Live 2018 to help you keep all your notes in one place.

4.Create a follow-up blog/vlog

Creating a follow-up blog/vlog of the event not only helps you process your learning, it can also help you attract traffic to your website, win new customers/clients and offer value to existing ones.

For more information, read: five reasons to blog about attending a live event.

Like the idea of blogging about your experience, but not sure how to get started? Read: how to write a blog post about an event you’ve attended.

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5.Book your ticket for the next event

Most event organisers offer generous earlybird discounts to guests who book tickets for their next event on the day – or shortly afterwards. So if you enjoyed the event, book your ticket for the next one as soon as you can. 

Tickets are on sale for our next live event, Content Live 2018, and you can currently get the Super Early Bird price.  If you attended my most recent event or are a member of my membership community, you’ll also have an “alumni discount code” which gives you the best possible ticket price.  You can get your ticket here.

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