Looking for strategies to help you build your online audience?  

This list of ideas will you keep you going...even when you’re feeling at your most uninspired.  

It’s broken down, platform by platform, to make it less overwhelming.  

Even if you're just focusing on one or two social media platforms right now, there's something in there for you. 


'I've added 1900 subscribers to my email list and generated 15k in sales’.

"Before I started working with Janet, I was so obsessed with social media I’d neglected email marketing completely. In six months, my email list has grown by 1900 and I can directly track that back to £15k of client bookings. Who knows how much more work I’ll get in the future from people on my list? Thank you Janet – investing time and money with you has made me more confident, inspired and my business is thriving. I’m gone from feeling like I was winging it to a true business owner."

Hel Reynolds, The Comms Creatives

'I added 700 new subscribers to my list and I'm converting them into customers'

"I knew I needed to grow my email list – but I wasn’t sure how to get started. Using Janet’s resources helped me create my first lead magnet – a guide for virtual assistants on how to get clients – in a matter of days. Not only have I added 700 new subscribers to my list, I’ve sold 350 books and launched a membership programme for VAs – all of which was made much easier by having an email list."

Catherine Gladwyn, Virtual Assistant

‘I’ve 10x my social media following and now attract clients through my website.’

"Before I started working with Janet had no enquiries from my website and it wasn’t ranking on Google. Implementing what I learned - plus redesigning my website - means my website now shows up on the first page of Google for my key search terms, which is helping me attract new clients. My social media following has also grown x10."

Dara Ford, Women’s tailor and designer 

‘I changed my Facebook page strategy and generated 12k in sales’

"I used to find it difficult to get engagement on social media. After following Janet’s advice on increasing Facebook page engagement (without spending on advertising) I generated £12,000 in a month in Facebook Lives sales - more than I had in the previous three months. Subsequent sales have generated between £1000 and £2000 consistently on top of my usual monthly website sales."

Jennifer Hamley, Handbag and accessory designer