73 ideas for building your email list

If you're an online business owner, building your email list is THE most important thing you can do to grow your business.

Having recently launched my first online PR training programme, I've been thinking a lot about list building lately, so this week's round-up post is a collection of great reads (and listens) on the topic.


How to build your email list from Laura Vanderkam.

16 strategies for list building from Mariah Coz.

13 ways to grow you list you maybe haven't though of from Sarah Von Bargen.

25 simple ways to grow your email list  from Andy Pitre (via Hubspot)

3 strategies to rapid list building from Amy Porterfield.

8 tactics I used to build my first email list from Fransisco Rosales (aka Social Mouths)

8 things you can send to your email list from Melyssa Griffin.

Plus advice on how to clean your list (and why you need to) from Kim Lawler and two Natalie Sisson interviews on the topic: how to use Instagram to grow your list  and how to balance different multiple projects and build an email list with Nathalie Lussier.

Natalie Sisson - aka the Suitcase Entrepreneur - is my guest on this week's podcast by the way, talking about how to build a memorable brand. You can listen here.

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