Tired of not making enough sales in your business?

You know you need to work on your marketing, but you're not sure where to get started.

There are SO many things you could be doing: blogging, email marketing, social media, press, live streaming, webinars, Facebook advertising (and that’s just for starters).

But there’s only 24 hours in day. And there’s only one of you. So how do you decide which strategies will help you attract clients? And how do you implement those strategies so you  get results - fast?

I can help you create a marketing system for your business that will generate a constant stream of leads and sales - so you can stop wondering where your next customer or client is coming from. 

Over the past five years I’ve built a successful blog, podcast, email list and a large social media following. I’ve also been featured in dozens of national newspapers and magazines, and on radio and TV (and written a book to help you do the same) and spoken at high-profile events - both in the UK and abroad. This has helped me build a six figure business with multiple streams of income.

I’ve learned that marketing isn’t an activity that you ‘do’ when you have a bit of spare time - it’s HOW you make money - which is why you need to do it every single day.

Now I use my experience to help small business owners like you get better at marketing so you can make money - primarily through my membership community. You can also hire me as a consultant, media trainer and a speaker.


1. Download my Love Marketing Make Money checklist which sets out the key marketing activities you should be doing to hit key income goals in your business (1k, 2k, 5, 10k).

2. Join my FREE 10-day PR challenge and learn how to get coverage in newspapers, magazines and radio and TV (without hiring a PR company or writing a single press release)

3. Join my FREE Facebook community with over 12,000 members just
like you

4. Read my blog for hints and tips on PR, marketing and social media

5. Listen to my twice weekly podcast and learn from industry experts how to promote your business more effectively

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