Are you struggling to make online sales in your business?

You’ve tried so many different marketing strategies... but you’re not getting the results you need.

If this sounds like you, there’s probably nothing wrong with your product/service. You simply don’t have a big enough audience to make the sales you need.

Most online sales convert at just 1-2%. Which means for every 100 people in your audience, only a small number will actually buy from you.

So if any of the following applies to you:

• You don’t have many followers on social media (and/or much engagement on your posts).
• Not enough people are reading your blog or watching your videos
• Your email list is tiny (or non-existent)

you don’t have a sales problem, you have an audience problem.

I can help you build an engaged online audience so you can create your ideal business. 

Perhaps you’d love to launch an online course or membership. Or get a dream project off the ground – like a book, podcast or speaking career. Maybe you’d just like to sell more of your products/services online. 

All of which is a MILLION times easier when you have an engaged audience of followers, fans & subscribers to sell to. 

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Need help with a specific aspect of your audience building? Check out my bitesize playbooks, masterclasses & online courses.


My Build Your Online Audience Programme is suitable for coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to build an online audience.  

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About me

Need help building your online audience? I'm your go-to expert.

Over the past five years, I’ve built a large online audience which has helped me build a six-figure online business from online courses, membership sites and information products.

Many of my clients are looking to build an online audience so they can launch online courses and membership communities. Others are simply looking to attract more leads online (so they don’t have to worry where their next client is coming from). A few are making enough sales but need to build their audience so they can launch a dream project (e.g. a book, podcast or a speaking career).

I’m the creator of the Media Diary – a content planning tool for coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs.

I also have a popular podcast and blog where I share practical tips and tactics on audience building.

"I've added 1900 to my email list and generated 15k in sales"

Before I started working with Janet, I was so obsessed with social media I’d neglected email marketing completely. In six months, my email list has grown by 1900 and I can directly track that back to £15k of client bookings. Who knows how much more work I’ll get in the future from people on my list? Thank you Janet – investing time and money with you has made me more confident, inspired and my business is thriving. I’m gone from feeling like I was winging it to a true business owner.
Hel Reynolds, Social Media Strategist

"I changed my Facebook page strategy and generated 12k in sales"

I used to find it difficult to get engagement on social media. After following Janet’s advice on increasing Facebook page engagement (without spending on advertising) I generated £12,000 in a month in Facebook Lives sales - more than I had in the previous three months. Subsequent sales have generated between £1000 and £2000 consistently on top of my usual monthly website sales. Now I'm teaching other business owners how to host Facebook Live Sales. Jennifer Hamley, Live Video Coach