How to pivot your content strategy (without losing followers)

Find out how to pivot your content strategy – without losing followers in this interview with Instagram teacher and online educator Vix Meldrew. What would you do if you’d built a loyal audience who LOVED your content. But your business was heading in a different direction.  Would you be brave enough to pivot your content

How to stop copycats stealing your content

Having your content copied or stolen is an upsetting – but inevitable – downside of being a content creator. And people won’t always realise what they’re doing is wrong.  So how can you protect your content from theft? What’s the difference between someone  being inspired by your work and copying it? And what should you

The courage to be a beginner

Scrabble tiles spelling out the word Brave on a pink background

Do you feel frustrated because you’re creating content to promote your business…but you’re not getting as much engagement (or sales) as you’d like? Are you sometimes overwhelmed by all the tech you need to learn – creating social media graphics or editing video and adding captions, for example.  And do you sometimes feel like everyone

Make a Instagram Reel with me (and get more views)

Are you afraid of Instagram Reels? Maybe you’ve created some Reels but still feel a bit awkward/silly about it. Or perhaps you’d like to have a go at Instagram Reels but feel overwhelmed by the tech. If any of this sounds familiar, you need to listen to this podcast episode – which is a practical

Does your Instagram account have to look pretty?

Your Instagram account does NOT have to be ‘pretty’. But it does need to be consistent i.e. people need to know what to expect – and why they should come back again. One of my favourite examples of this is Paul Flaart.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Paul Flart