How do I monetise the audience I’ve built on social media?

How do you monetise an audience you’ve built on social media? That’s exactly what Hannah Gibbard is wondering – having built a loyal following for her Instagram account, which provides support for women with ADHD.  Having recently qualified as a coach, Hannah would love to launch a group coaching programme and sell it to her

Stop being boring on LinkedIn!

women laughing looking at laptop

Are you struggling to get engagement on your LinkedIn content? Would you like to learn ONE simple change you can make today to increase engagement – and generate leads and sales from your LinkedIn content?   That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this solo podcast with me,  Janet Murray. You can listen to the podcast

How TikTok blew up my business (and helped me find my niche)

Woman playing the piano in the woods

When the UK went into Lockdown, wedding pianist Nicole Reynolds had to look for alternative ways to generate income for her business. So she turned to TikTok – a social media app she’d previously dismissed as being for teenagers dancing and lip syncing. In this interview, you’ll find out how Nicole grew her TikTok following

4 content excuses that could be hurting your business

  We need to talk about excuses. The excuses you might be making not to create content in your business. Or the excuses you might be making about why the content you ARE creating isn’t generating leads and sales for your business. What I say in this solo podcast episode might sting a bit…but I

Help! I’m struggling to find time for social media for my business

When you run your own business, finding time for social media can be tough. But what if you sell social media management as a service? You can’t really say you’re ‘too busy’ creating content for other people to post on your own accounts.  Because surely that’s like trying to sell personal training when you don’t

Do free Facebook groups still work for small businesses in 2021?

Is it still possible to generate leads and sales for your business from a Facebook group in 2021? How do you wake up the members of a ‘dying’ Facebook group (and is it even worth it?). That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this solo podcast with me, Janet Murray. You can listen to the