Janet Murray

Four mistakes you might be making with your 'about' page...

“Like it or not, we’re all in sales now.” That’s what the author Daniel Pink  told delegates at the American Booksellers' Association's annual conference back in 2012. He was absolutely right. We’re all selling something (if it’s not products or services, it’s ideas) and social media puts us right in front of our potential customers,... READ MORE

Would your story idea pass the BBC homepage test?

There’s a story doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment about a guy who’s selling his house because he’s lost his job and can’t afford the upkeep. Unfortunate, but not that unusual, you might think. Until you see the pictures of the house. It may look pretty unremarkable from the outside, but inside it’s... READ MORE

Why using big words can make you look stupid

I was doing an editing shift on a national when some copy dropped into my inbox from a regular columnist - not a professional writer, but a guy who could certainly string a sentence together. I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. Why? Because it was crammed with complex language,  jargon and obscure metaphors. So... READ MORE

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