[278] Behind-the-scenes of my live event: Media Influence Live

Behind the scenes of my live event: Media Influence Live

Are you interested in running a live event and want to find out how I organised my latest two-day event Media Influence Live?

This episode is jam-packed with practical tips from how to choose your speakers, to how to structure your event and what you can do to add value for your delegates.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The concept behind the event (2:06)
  • The event audience (7:50)
  • Event pricing - and why I changed it to two day tickets only (8:24)
  • How to turn your event into an experience that lasts before and after the event (16:05)
  • Why creating a workbook for your event is a really valuable resource for your delegates (19:58)
  • How to structure your event successfully (22:40)
  • Why you should organise socials for your event (32:30)
  • How day two differed and why a change in pace benefitted the delegates (35:45)
  • What to do when you get let down by a speaker - and why you need a contingency plan (38:11)
  • Why you need to start selling tickets for your next live event during your current event (42:15)
  • How to offer a digital product after your event (42:50)
  • How to create a successful goody bag for your event (46:50)


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