[BONUS] How to sell your products or services at an online Christmas market

Are you thinking of selling your product or service at an online Christmas market?

Perhaps you’re wondering what to sell or how to put your offer together? And if you can sell services – as well as products – at an online event (hint: the answer is ‘yes’). 

In this  podcast episode I share everything I’ve learnt from hosting my annual Facebook Live Christmas market.

Get my tips and techniques for selling your product or service at a Facebook Live – without feeling ‘selly’ or scammy.

Find out how to put your offer together (and why it needs to be something that people will be excited to ‘open’ on Christmas day). PLUS what can go wrong if you give buyers too much choice in an online sale. 

I also share tech tips to make sure your Facebook Live is slick and professional – including the essential tools you need to make sure your live broadcast goes smoothly.

 PLUS tips on how to promote your Christmas market on social media and how supporting your fellow sellers can help YOU make more money from an online market. 

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1. Plan 

When creating your offer, trying not to overwhelm buyers with too much choice. 

If you’re a product-based business group products that go well together and/or focus on your best-selling/high-ticket products.

You can totally sell a service at a Christmas market. You just need to think what would make it a really great gift. For example, is there a physical product that would complement a voucher and give the recipient something special to open on Christmas day. 

For example: 

  • Bread-making classes – include an apron and spatula 
  • Career coaching – include a book to go with it 
  • Singing lessons – include practise recordings/lead sheets 

Remember to create a dedicated URL or voucher code so you can track sales. 

For example, one of my clients Beth Campagna from Mama Life was able to tell me she’d made £750 on my Christmas market sale last year – just by checking the voucher code she used. 

2. Prepare 

Think about how you can ‘show not tell’. Source any products/props that might be helpful for your broadcast. Even if you’re selling a service rather than a product, showing some of the things you use in your work – or even dressing in your work clothes (if you’re a therapist, baker or personal trainer, for example) will help you tell the story of your business in a visual way.

Devise and practice your ‘ten-word top line’ for your product/service e.g. ‘pre-picked and gifts for Christmas stockings for two to ten-year-olds’  or ‘style consultations for men who hate shopping’. The more specific you can be about what your product/service is and how it helps people…the more you’ll sell.

Make a list of frequently asked questions. Write down every single question you’ve ever been asked about your product/service – or think you might get asked. That way, you’re unlikely to get ‘caught out’ on your Facebook Live.

Decide where you’re going to do your broadcast. Things to consider include: lighting (position yourself where you’re facing a window if you don’t have lighting), sound (if you have a lapel mic consider using it. If not, just make sure you’re in a quiet space), make sure you have a good internet connection.

It’s also worth creating a backup video – just in case you have a problem with your tech. 

3. Promote 

Promote the Christmas market to your followers. Don’t just post about it on social media (if you do, you’re likely to get very little engagement). Instead, think about how you can get your followers involved in the process.

For example, you could ask them which product/service you should be selling at the market, what you should wear on the live broadcast and/or how you might style your backdrop.

Make it as easy for people to engage as possible. As a general rule, closed questions generally work better than open. So instead of asking your followers what you should be selling (open question), give them a small number of options to choose from (closed).

So instead of asking them what you should wear (open), post a pic of yourself in two possible outfits and ask them which they prefer (closed). Instead of asking for advice on styling your backdrop (closed), ask them if they prefer location A or location B (with pics).

Other ways to promote your Christmas market to your social media followers:

  • Instagram stories is great for this kind of content (particularly with the polls/questions option)….so get on there and have some fun!
  • Instagram Reels 30-second video clips
  • Email your list (if you have one)
  • Do a Facebook Live previewing the market – share with your followers what you’ll be doing and when
  • Create an Instagram story showing you preparing for the market – people love behind-the-scenes content
  • Remember that your success is not just about what YOU do as an individual – promote others and make it a team effort.

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Podcast shownotes

  • About my online virtual Christmas market (01:41)
  • How the format works for my Facebook Live virtual Christmas market (04:40)
  • Why I’m charging people to sell at my online Christmas market (05:20)
  • How to create the right offer to sell for an online virtual market (08:07)
  • Why you shouldn’t overwhelm people with too many products and offers (09:40)
  • Why your product has to be something that people want to receive as a gift (10:08)
  • How to sell a service-based offer at an online Christmas market (11:55)
  • Why you should create a trackable link/voucher code for your offer (13:28)
  • Why it’s more than just what you sell on the Facebook Live (14:30)
  • Why you need to show people your product and not just tell them (15:17)
  • What you need to consider for your tech for a Facebook Live sale (16:31)
  • How to introduce yourself and tips for selling on a Facebook Live (20:11)
  • How to keep your intro simple and tell people what you do (23:35)
  • Why you should have a list of your frequently asked questions (25:02)
  • Why you should have a backup plan in case there’s a tech problem (26:01)
  • How to promote your online sale (and why you need to get involved) (27:01)
  • How to get your audience involved in your Christmas market (28:50)
  • How to promote your online Christmas market to your audience (29:47)
  • Why it’s not selly or scammy selling on a Facebook Live sale (30:55)


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