Would you love to make more online sales in your business?

Perhaps you're a coach or consultant who dreams of making a living selling digital products - online courses, masterclasses and/or a membership site, for example.  

Or maybe you have a product-based based business and want it to feel easier to make sales online.  

But as you may already have discovered, if you don’t have an online audience i.e. you don’t have many social media followers and/or email subscribers, it can be difficult to attract your  ideal customers/clients online. Or at least enough of them to generate the kind of income you need. 

So if you want to make consistent online sales...you NEED to build an audience

My membership programme can help you gain more social media followers, more engagement and more sales - in just 90 days

It takes most people at least a year to build an engaged online audience. But with focused effort - and the right strategies - you can make HUGE progress in just 90 days. More social media followers, more engagement with your content and more email subscribers...all of which will lead to more sales. 

This is how it works:

  • Live classes are held every Tuesday at midday (BST) so you can ask questions get feedback on how you are doing. But if you can’t attend live, there's no need to worry. All the recordings and resources are stored in our members' area.
  • Accountability...so you actually get things done. There's 'homework' tasks to complete each week, a weekly group coaching call and a dedicated Facebook group, so you’ll have all the support you need to succeed.
  • Support with implementation. After you ‘graduate’ from the programme, you’ll get implementation support (including weekly group coaching calls) to support you as you continue to grow your audience.

By the end of the Build Your Online Audience Programme you’ll have:

  • More social media followers
  • More engagement on your content
  • More emails subscribers

All of which will add up to more sales. 

If you don’t have much of a presence on social media right now and/or an email list...please don’t panic! We’ll cover all of that in the programme.

Want to find out more about the Build Your Online Audience Programme and how it can help you?
Watch this two minute video.

“ Following Janet’s strategies I generated £42K within the first six months ”

Blaire Palmer, leadership and development coach

Why the Build Your Online Audience programme is different
and can help you get on with what you need to do to succeed

Perhaps you’ve bought online courses before you haven’t completed (or maybe even started) and you’re worried about wasting more time/money. 

This is TOTALLY understandable (we’ve all been there!). 

If this is the case, I’d really recommend you join as a Premium member so you can take advantage of our Get It Done sessions.

Here’s how they work:

Get It Done sessions are focused co-working sessions where you get on a Zoom call with up to six other members for 45 mins to get a specific task/set of tasks done.

At the beginning of the call, you type in the chat what you're going to get done in the session...then you crack on and do it. At the end of the call, you unmute and share what you got done. 

Which gives you the accountability to get it done.

What members say about the Get It Done sessions

I have been able to generate more income in the last three months than I did in six months.

Mel Bridger, Personal Trainer & Fitness Business Owner

It’s never too late to start to build your online audience….
or too early. What matters is that you start today

Imagine what your business would look like if you had a steady stream of customers/clients from the content you’re publishing on social media and elsewhere?

If you could send out an email and make sales….at any time? If people were approaching YOU to find out how they can hire you and/or buy your products? (Rather than you having to send awkward emails/messages).

That’s what having an online audience can do for you.​

What's included in the build your audience programme


Click the arrows to see what is included in each session:

  • What is an effective niche? 
  • Finding the right niche for your business (or refining the one you have) 
  • How to talk/write about your niche (so people actually understand what you do)
  • What is brand voice (and why does it matter)?
  • How the language you use in your marketing can help/hinder your audience growth
  • How to create brand voice guidelines
  • Why your visual brand identity matters
  • Colour and font psychology and the vital role it plays in building your brand
  • How to create a visual brand style sheet 

No live class this week. You’ll need time to implement what you’ve learned. Although you will be able to ask questions in our weekly Office Hour (Monday 11am/4pm BST).

  • Why you don’t need to build an audience on every single online platform
  • How to choose which content platforms are right for your business (i.e. blog, podcast, YouTube) 
  • How to choose which social media platforms are right for your business
  • What kind of content should you be publishing and how often 
  • How understanding behavioural psychology can help you create content that’s more addictive than your favourite Netflix series
  • How to create 90 days worth of content in a morning 
  • What kind of social media content should you be publishing and how often
  • The science behind viral content  and how this can help you plan and create compelling social media content 
  • How to get more likes, followers and shares  - and keep your followers coming back for more

No live class this week. You’ll need time to implement what you’ve learned. Although you will be able to ask questions in our weekly Office Hour (Monday 11am/4pm BST).

  • Why you need an email list (hint: it’s all about the money)
  • How to start building your email list (including the essential tech you need)
  • Staying on the right side of the law with your email marketing (aka GDPR)
  • How to create a compelling email lead magnet that will help you get more email subscribers
  • The science that explains why some lead magnets e.g. polls and quizzes work better than others
  • Zillions of ways to promote your email lead magnet so you can grow your list - fast
  • The psychology of email marketing, including how to get inside peoples’ minds - so you can turn subscribers into buyers
  • How to write compelling email marketing copy - including welcome sequences, nurture sequences and email newsletters people actually look forward to receiving
  • Advanced strategies for growing your email list

No live class this week. Instead, we’ll have a live Q & A session and plan out your next 90 days of audience growth. 

Standard & Premium

Build Your Online Audience Programme

My step-by-step process for building your online audience, broken down to nine easy to follow online classes. Each interactive video tutorial comes with a comprehensive workbook. Join the live classes or catch up with the recordings in your own time. PLUS bonus classes on building your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Canva.

Standard & Premium

Group coaching

Weekly group coaching sessions every Monday (alternating 11am/4pm BST/GMT). Each month has a theme that’s all about getting into the right mindset for building your online audience e.g. money, productivity, getting motivated. Featuring guest experts and live Q & A. Join the live session on catch up on the recording.

Premium Only


Get access to my library of courses on a range of topics including:
• Instagram Success Academy
• Getting Started with Pinterest
• Blogging Success Formula
• Getting started with Facebook ads
• Getting started with podcasting
• How to write Awesome sales copy
• Getting Started with Youtube (coming soon)

• Live video strategy (coming soon)

Premium Only

Advanced masterclasses

Get access to my library of advanced masterclasses on a range of online business topics including:
• How to create a coaching/consultancy package
• How to launch an online course
• How to write delightful emails
• How to launch your own planner
• How to plan, create & sell an online masterclass
• How generate passive income in your business

Premium only

Publications library

My publications library includes digital downloads, templates & checklists that will save you time on content creation and planning. Includes social media post ideas, tips on social media engagement and templates for writing copy on everything from sales pages to Facebook ads. PLUS my playbooks - 3-5000 words downloads including social media engagement, LinkedIn content, Instagram and social media video strategy

Premium Only

Get It Done sessions

45 minute minute focused group co-working sessions (maximum 6 people). Multiple sessions available Monday to Friday Share a task/set of tasks you need to get done with the rest of the group...and get the accountability to get it done.

Some of the masterclasses included in the premium membership

How to launch a playbook for your business 

Get booked to speak on big stages 

Content planning masterclass 

How to create an effective email nurture sequence 

Facebook group engagement masterclass 

How to generate passive income in your business 

LinkedIn Strategy Masterclass 

How to create a coaching/consultancy package

How to launch your first online course 

How to write social media posts that sell

How to launch a planner for your industry 

How to plan sell and host a masterclass 

Offline to Online (how to turn in your in-person services into online offerings) 

The Copy Fix 

How to Write Delightful Emails 

Who is the Build Your Online Audience programme for?

  • Service-based based businesses (including hospitality)
  • Product-based businesses
  • Online business
  • Offline businesses
  • New businesses
  • Established businesses​
  • Freelancers/sole traders
  • Solopreneurs/entrepreneurs
  • Small/Medium sized businesses
  • Colleges/universities
  • Charities

Need more reassurance? Here’s a list of some of the kinds of businesses I’ve helped with audience building.

Glamping site owners, genealogists, costume designers, social media managers, accountants, psychologists, personal trainers, coaches/consultants, holiday cottage owners, estate agents, wedding planners, website designers, jewellery designers, artists, writers, vocal coaches, nutritionists, business coaches, universities, cake makers, hair stylists, jewellery designers.

What people say 

“I've generated 42k in sales”

When we returned to the UK after travelling for a few months my business was really struggling. I hired a marketing consultancy at great expense on the understanding that they would help me identify my ideal customer and implement a strategy that would reinvigorate my business. £15,000 later nothing had changed. It was then that I signed up to Janet’s Build Your Online Audience programme. Almost immediately work began to come in again. Following Janet’s strategies generated approximately £42K of revenue within the first six months which was not in my pipeline before I began the programme, and I began to really understand how to use social media (LinkedIn in my case) to build my audience and win new business. With the recent Covid-19 crisis I have also been able to quickly pivot my business based on what I’ve learnt and am now generating a brand new source of income during this period. Blaire Palmer, leadership and development coach

"I’m posting on Instagram regularly and have created an email lead magnet "

Before I joined the Build Your Online Audience programme I was frustrated because my audience wasn't growing as fast as I wanted it to and I had no strategy. As I run my vegan handbag business alongside a day job, it was also a struggle to stay consistent with my content at times. Now I'm posting on Instagram regularly and with intention, and have created an email lead magnet so I can start growing my email list. I like the fact the classes are taught live - it's great for accountability.
Meeta Bhatt, founder, Story Eighty One

“My income has increased 402%".

Before I started working with Janet I was worried my business wouldn’t survive another year. I was having to invest personal funds almost every month to be able to pay expenses and I wasn’t drawing a wage. It was bleak. Since starting to work with Janet, I have not had to invest any personal money into the business. I am now working in profit, employ staff and don’t need to panic about how I will pay the rent. My confidence has grown tenfold, there is a real energy surrounding the business with a loyal customer base that keep coming back for more! In the first quarter from joining my income increased by 44%, in the second quarter it increased by 146%, the third quarter by 182% and the fourth quarter we have so far increased by 402%.
Nadia Newton, founder, Penelope Hope

I took my business online and increased my revenue

Covid-19 took away 95% of my business overnight but with the support and guidance of Janet and other members of the Build Your Online Audience programme (who I get to brainstorm with on the weekly group coaching call - aka Office Hour), I was able to knuckle down and focus on the parts of my business that generate revenue. I moved my business online and have been running live-streamed fitness classes since March. I have a full PT client base (with a waiting list) and have been able to generate more income in the last three months than I did in six months, prior to Lockdown.
Mel Bridger, Personal Trainer & Fitness Business Owner


exclusive to
premium members

Blogging Success Formula Course

Want to attract more visitors to your website, so you can make more sales in your business?

If so, you need to be publishing the kind of content your customers are actually searching for on Google and other popular search engines.

But how do you know what kind of content you should be creating? 

And once you’ve got people over to your site, how do you get them to buy your products/services? 

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in the Blogging Success Formula (in four easy-to-follow online tutorials).

Here’s what we cover in the course:

  • What the heck you should be blogging about to attract your ideal customers/clients
  • How to write awesome blog posts (even if you don’t like writing)
  • How/where to post your blog content on your site and make sure it gets found in Google (including all the techie bits you need to do in the back end of your website - don’t worry, we’ll make it super easy)
  • How to get more eyes on your blog posts (and convert your browsers into buyers)

This is course is suitable for you if:

  • You already have a WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or Ecommerce website
  • Don’t have a website but are planning on getting one in the next 90 days 

I’m teaching the course live, with homework to complete in between each session - great if you need accountability  to get things done.
But if you can’t make it live, there’s no need to worry. All the video tutorials and workbooks are available for you to work through in your own time.

Why work with me?

Over the past five years I’ve built an engaged online audience. This includes:

This has allowed me to generate income almost exclusively from online coaching/consultancy, online courses, membership programmes, digital and physical products - generating over a million pounds in sales. And because pretty much everything I do can be safely delivered online, my business has so far not been interrupted by the current COVID-19 crisis. 

Over the past five years I’ve helped hundreds of online business owners build an online audience…and I’d love to help you to do the same.

Choose your level of membership


£ 440/66 per year/month

  • 16 + hours of tuition (attend live or watch the recordings) Upcoming ‘live’ intakes: July 1, Oct 6
  • Expert masterclasses on getting started with Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook
  • Weekly online group coaching with me (including Q & A)
  • Cheat sheets, checklists, swipe files (sample copy)
  • Dedicated Facebook community
  • Library of advanced masterclasses
  • Access to my Deep Dive masterclass library
  • Podcasting course (worth £297)
  • Instagram Success Academy course (worth £297)
  • Pinterest course (worth £297) available June 2020
  • Youtube course: Plan, launch & grow your Youtube channel (starts July 2020) (worth £297)
  • Facebook ads course (worth £297) available September 2020
  • Blogging Success course (worth £297) available October 2020
  • Live Video course (worth £297) available November 2020
  • BONUS COURSE How to create awesome sales copy (worth £397)
  • Get it Done productivity sessions


£ 240/36 per year/month

  • 16 + hours of tuition (attend live or watch the recordings) Upcoming ‘live’ intakes: July 1, Oct 6
  • Expert masterclasses on getting started with Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook
  • Weekly online group coaching with me (including Q & A)
  • Cheat sheets, checklists, swipe files (sample copy)
  • Dedicated Facebook community

Frequently Asked Questions


Standard £240 (annual) £36 (monthly) 

Premium £440 (annual) £66 (monthly) 


Standard: 16 + hours of tuition (attend live or watch the recordings), weekly online group coaching with me (including Q & A), cheat sheets, checklists, swipe files (sample copy) plus Facebook community for ongoing support

Premium:  All of the above PLUS access to my full library of advanced masterclasses (each usually priced individually at £42). Includes: how to create and launch an online course, how to create a coaching/consultancy package, how to launch your own planner, how to launch your own playbook, how to plan, sell and host your own online masterclass, how to turn your in-person services into online offerings. There are 12 in the current library, with a new one added each month. This represents a huge saving overall. 


Between July 7 and Sep 22 I will be teaching the classes live, every Tuesday at midday (although you do not have to attend live) using the video conferencing software Zoom. However, you are welcome to work through the materials in your own time. As long as you are part of the programme, you also get access to implementation support, which includes a weekly group coaching call with me, monthly expert masterclasses and a dedicated Facebook community. 




Please be advised that we don’t offer refunds, so please read the programme description carefully and email us on [email protected] with any questions you have before buying so you can ensure you’re making the right decision.


You will have access to the programme for a year from your purchase date if you purchase annually. If you have a monthly membership, you will have access to them as long as you are making payments. If you a miss a payment, you will immediately lose access to the materials. 

After the year is up you will be offered the chance to renew your membership, which will give you continued access to the course, membership group and monthly expert masterclasses.


Yes, if you join as a monthly member and would like to switch to annual membership at any point, then we will make the transition for you. You will have a full years membership from the date you make the switch.


No...you can upgrade your membership but you can't downgrade it. 


There is a private Facebook group for people who have purchased the programme, where you can ask questions, and get feedback and assistance


You have access to the materials for the period of your membership.


It's a membership programme. This means you can choose to work through the content 'solo'  (with no 'pressure' to be part of the community activities). Or you can choose to take full advantage of the implementation support. Obviously I'd recommend the latter, but that's totally up to you.