Stuck for content ideas? Read these 12 things...

My recent podcast launch has meant doubling my content output, prompting the inevitable question: what if I run out of ideas? 

It hasn't happened yet - but just in case it does - this week's round-up post is all about generating content ideas. So here goes...

Three clever things to do with old blog posts from Sarah Von Bargen.

Melyssa Griffin also has ideas on what to do with old blog posts. 

365 blog topic ideas from Dana Fox.

20 things to write about when you're totally stuck from Gala Darling.

How to use visual content to drive traffic, shares and sales from Donna Moritz and Amy Porterfield.

Three ways to write thought-provoking content that gets people talking from Stefanie Flaxman.

Tips on what to blog about from Nikki Elledge-Brown.

How to create link posts that lead to connections, sales and traffic with Sarah Von Bargen.

Instead of creating new content, you can always upgrade. Sarah Morgan has 18 types of content upgrade and Mariah Coz also has content upgrade advice.

Improving your SEO can help you reach a bigger audience (without creating tons of new content) and Neil Patel has 25 questions to ask yourself before your next post 

Regina Anaejionu has tips on how to create an email course.  

I created one too (how to write awesome press releases) and it was much easier than I imagined.









These podcasts will make your business more profitable

I'm all about the podcasts this week, having just launched my own. So this week's round up post is a collection of my podcasts that will make your business more profitable.

I'd love to get your feedback: are there any you'd add to my list? Do share your thoughts in the comments box below.


The Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn

Pat has built a six figure business with multiple (and mostly passive) income streams that include: eBooks, affiliate marketing, niche sites, sponsorship, smartphone apps and more. He and his guests share valuable tips on marketing, social media, podcasting, writing and more.

My favourite episode: A First-Timer's $130, 208 Product Launch with Nick Stephenson. 


Youpreneur.FM with Chris Ducker

This serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and keynote speaker shares his wisdom (and his guests') on everything from building a personal brand to outsourcing to creating information products.

My favourite episode: The Anatomy of Amazing Podcast Show Notes with Laura Loest. 


The Soulful PR podcast with Janet Murray 

Learn how to get media coverage for your business that will help you grow your email list, social media followers and your client list...with yours truly! As well as advice from me, you’ll get inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs who are using traditional PR alongside blogging, webinars, email marketing and social media to attract leads and grow their business.

My favourite episode so far: so what exactly is PR?


Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy and her guests share practical strategies on how to monetise your online marketing and blogging, using webinars, email marketing, Facebook, content creation (including blogs, eBooks and downloadable guides) and more.

My favourite episode: Three Webinar Tweaks that made a $62k Difference 


The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson

Natalie travels around the world, in her own words "having crazy cool adventures" while running a business from her laptop. Learn how to build a business you can run from anywhere in the world using social media, online tools and outsourcing from Natalie and the successful entrepreneurs she interviews.

My favourite episode:  How to monetise your passions with Star Khechara

Natalie has also interviewed me for her show: how to get big media coverage on a small business budget. 


Inspirational Creatives with Rob Lawrence

Conversations with successful artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and authors who offer new ideas and strategies to help you create the life - and business - you want. Rob Lawrence is a great interviewer who really gets the best out of his guests.

My favourite episode: Joanna Penn and Writing And Creating A Living As An Independent Author

Rob has also interviewed me for this podcast: The Art of Reinvention: how Janet Murray transformed from teacher to journalist to PR expert. 


The Creative Penn with Joanna Penn

I recently discovered Joanna after hearing her interviewed on Inspirational Creatives. I love the practical advice from Joanna and her guests on writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand and book marketing.

My favourite episode: The End of Jobs And The Rise Of The Creative Entrepreneur with Taylor Pearson.


The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

Practical guidance on how to have a calmer mind and less stress in your life. Simple tips and strategies on clearing your ‘head trash’ so you can be the best version of yourself - both in life and business.

My favourite episode: how to cope with feeling rejected

Alexia is a guest on episode 3 of my Soulful PR podcast: fear free pitching. 


The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and former pro athlete shares inspiring stories from some of the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet.

My favourite episode: Arianna Huffington On Building An Empire And Her Key To Success 


Wellpreneur podcast with Amanda Cook

I’m not a wellness specialist but I still listen to this podcast because it’s full of practical advice on blogging, social media and online business.

My favourite episode (actually I’ve got two!)

Practical: The Power of Instagram with Sue B Zimmerman 

Inspirational: Dreams of Location Independence: How One Health Coach Made The Leap 

Amanda has also interviewed me for her show: the keys to getting media coverage with Janet Murray. 

Nine things you should read if your business feels messy right now

When you run your own business there are times when everything feels overwhelming. You’re not sure if you’re heading in the right direction. You can’t seem to make a decision about anything. Some days, you’re not sure if you should have a business at all.

Here’s nine of the best blog posts to see you through those messy times:

If your business feels messy right now, that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong says Kyla Roma (who inspired this post).

Not sure you’re following your calling? Ask your childhood self says Holly Archibald. Simples.

If you’re working towards a specific goal (writing a book or getting on TV, for example) you might think you’re giving it your all. But are you? Alex Franzen asks: how hard are you trying really?

You’ve probably been told that ‘everything happens for reason’. Dana asks why we always look for the lesson to be learned when could just accept change for what it is.  Interesting.

Full of ideas, but can’t decide what to cut and what to keep? You’ll love Regina’s post on what to do when you have too many things to blog about or teach.

For those times you feel like giving up, here’s three ways to motivate yourself from Dixie Gillaspie (I especially like number two).

Denise Duffield Thomas explains how perfectionism might be costing you money in your business.

Always comparing yourself to others? Read Sarah Von Bargen’s advice on the only time it’s good to compare yourself to others. ‘The moral of the story is we might be sprinting when we should be jogging,’ she says - something I’m definitely keeping in mind at the moment.

I can’t help comparing myself to bloggers I admire like Gala Darling and think I’ll never have a site so beautiful and stylish (even though I’ve only been at it for a fraction of the time). But as she says herself in the inherent unsexiness of playing it cool:

“The real pleasure begins when you admit what you don’t know; when you make mistakes; when you say, “I’m new at this: show me what you know!” It’s in having the confidence to take the stance of a beginner, and not being embarrassed about it.”

Read something that has inspired you when your business felt messy? Do share it in the comment box below.