[377] How to write super engaging copy about your business

Ever wondered how some people just seem to nail it on social media or their Facebook ad just speaks to you? Want to know how to write super engaging copy for your website or social media? In my latest podcast, I speak to copywriter Jo Watson who describes herself as an editor and ‘writer of

[373] How to get more followers on any social media platform

Want to sell more of your products or services online? Getting more of your ideal customers/clients to follow you on social media can help – a lot.  But how do you increase your social media followers? Do you need to use different strategies for different social media platforms e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram? And

[360] How to get people to open your emails

If you want to get people to open your marketing emails, you need to write compelling email subject headers. But what makes a great email subject header? Which words and phrases make people more likely to open your emails? And which ones should you avoid? That’s exactly what I cover in this podcast episode on

Five things you should do after a conference or workshop

Attending conferences or workshops can be exhausting. If you’re anything like me, when you get back home – or back to your hotel – the only thing you’ll feel like doing is putting your feet up, ordering in pizza and watching Netflix. But when it comes to building relationships, the first few hours and days

How to benefit from a conference (even if you can’t attend in person)

If there’s an event or conference you’d love to go to, but can’t attend, it’s tempting to hide yourself away while it’s on, so you don’t get hit by FOMO (fear of missing out). But you can still get huge value from a live event – even if you can’t be there in person. With

How to find out if your story idea will interest national journalists

Getting featured in national publications and programmes can be a powerful way to promote your business. But I see so many business owners wasting time pitching stories to national journalists that are far more suited to local or industry titles. So how can you tell whether your story idea has national potential? And if it