Stuck for content ideas? Read these 12 things…

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My recent podcast launch has meant doubling my content output, prompting the inevitable question: what if I run out of ideas?  It hasn’t happened yet – but just in case it does – this week’s round-up post is all about generating content ideas. So here goes… Three clever things to do with old blog posts from

These podcasts will make your business more profitable

I’m all about the podcasts this week, having just launched my own. So this week’s round up post is a collection of my podcasts that will make your business more profitable. I’d love to get your feedback: are there any you’d add to my list? Do share your thoughts in the comments box below. The

Nine things you should read if your business feels messy right now

When you run your own business there are times when everything feels overwhelming. You’re not sure if you’re heading in the right direction. You can’t seem to make a decision about anything. Some days, you’re not sure if you should have a business at all. Here’s nine of the best blog posts to see you