[444] How much personal information should you share in your content?

If you’re building a personal brand online, people have to get to know the person behind the business. Otherwise, they won’t buy from you. But how much personal information should you share on your social media and other content platforms?  What is ‘ok’ to share and what should be kept private? And what is the

[443] How to create content that will attract your ideal customers/clients with Dawn Bradley

Ever find yourself wondering how some business owners manage to get tons of engagement (and sales) from the content their share on social media? Then you’ll love this podcast episode with Dawn Bradley – who teaches hair stylists how to build a six-figure business (having done exactly that herself).  Dawn explains how to create content

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Are you using Instagram Reels as part of your Instagram strategy? Maybe you’ve been thinking about creating Instagram Reels but you need some creative inspiration? Or perhaps you’ve no idea what to make your Instagram Reels about? In this podcast episode, I explain how to get started with Instagram Reels and why Reels are a

[408] 11 Instagram Story Ideas that will help you make more sales in your business

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you’re all out of ideas for Instagram Stories? Or you’ve been posting Instagram Stories but you feel like your ideas are a bit stale and you’d love to shake them up a bit? Maybe you’ve got a new launch coming up and you’d love to

[403] How to build your online audience using competitions and giveaways

Would you love to know how you to build your audience using competitions and giveaways? If you’ve ever wondered how to run a competition or giveaway and how you can use this to build your audience on social media – then you’ll love this podcast episode – with Mark Simpson founder of Boostly and worldwide

[402] The surprising reason your Instagram account isn’t growing (and how to fix it)

Are you feeling frustrated with your Instagram growth? In this episode, I share the surprising reason your account isn’t growing (even though you’re posting consistently, using relevant hashtags and/or spending time engaging on other peoples’ accounts). and show you how to fix it.  {Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or