List building

[360] How to get people to open your emails

If you want to get people to open your marketing emails, you need to write compelling email subject headers. But what makes a great email subject header? Which words and phrases make people more likely to open your emails? And which ones should you avoid? That's exactly what I cover in this podcast episode on... READ MORE

[359] How to create an email newsletter people look forward to receiving

Are you putting off launching an email newsletter because you don’t know what to put in it? Or perhaps you started sending an email newsletter...and then hit ‘pause’ because you weren’t sure if the content was right for your audience? If that sounds familiar, you’ll love this podcast on how to create an email newsletter... READ MORE

[354] How To Sell Out A Live Event Or Workshop (Even If You Have A Tiny Audience)

Do you like the idea of hosting a live event but worry you don’t have a big enough audience to sell enough tickets? Perhaps you’ve tried hosting a live event or workshop but struggled to get enough bums on seats? If any of this sounds familiar you’ll love this podcast interview with business coach and... READ MORE

build your audience programme

If you’re a coach or consultant selling 1-2-1 services and need 20 clients a year, you may only need a few thousand on your email list. But if you want to sell online courses/memberships you’ll almost certainly need to shoot for 10k or beyond. Which means you need a LOT more people in your audience... READ MORE

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