[437] How to create a content plan you can actually stick to with Osmaan Sharif

Do you struggle to stick to a content plan for your business? Perhaps you find it hard to be consistent week in and week out? Maybe you start with great intentions every year and then before you know it, you’ve missed a week and you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’re struggling to show up

[436] Copycats, trolls and other troublemakers: dealing with the dark side of online business

Is your fear of being trolled or bullied online holding you back from being visible and building your online audience? Maybe you’ve been trolled or had to deal with copycats and you’re not sure how to handle it? If ANY of that resonates with you then this special podcast episode recorded at my LIVE online

[435] What’s the difference between marketing a product and a service?

What’s the difference between marketing a product and a service?  In this podcast episode, I explain why there’s NO difference between selling a product and a service. A And I explain why the belief that there IS a difference can actually hold you back as a product-based business. But this episode isn’t just for product-based

[434] How to set your prices (and why it’s an audience issue) with Sally Farrant

Do you struggle to price your services? Or maybe you live in dread of having THAT conversation about pricing? Maybe you’ve discounted your prices just to win a client and ended up feeling REALLY resentful?  Or perhaps you’re wondering if you should put your prices on your website? If any of that sounds familiar then

[433] How to create and promote your own awareness day with Rachel Spencer

Would you love to create your own awareness day for your business or industry? Maybe you’ve got a great idea for an awareness day but you’ve got no idea how to create or promote it? Find out why awareness days are one of the BEST ways to make your business stand out from the crowd

[432] How to plan and host your own Christmas market

Want to plan and host your own online Christmas market or virtual pop up? Listen to this podcast I take you through the steps you need to take to create an online Christmas market – but can be applied to any type of virtual or online event. You’ll learn how to take your online sale