[414] How much does it cost to launch your own planner?

With sales of planners and organisers topping $386 million last year, we’re clearly a generation obsessed with planning.  And since I launched my Social Media Diary & Planner, back in 2017, I get asked tons of questions from people who want to launch their own.  So in this podcast episode, I answer your burning questions.

[413] How to get more done in less time (and build your audience faster)

Hands up…I’m not the most organised person in the world. But I AM insanely productive – publishing hundreds of podcasts, blogs and social media posts every year – and rarely missing a deadline.  My recent ADHD diagnosis made me question how I’d managed to stay so productive – despite being disorganised.  If you haven’t heard

[412] How to make sure you don’t annoy your email subscribers with Rob & Kennedy

Ever worried that you’re annoying your email subscribers by sending too many emails? Want to know how many emails are enough and how you can keep your email subscribers happy? Then you’ll love this podcast episode with email marketing experts and hosts of The Email Marketing Show Rob & Kennedy. They share four things that

[404] Five compelling reasons to email your list every day (or at least more often than you do now)

If you’re like most business owners I know the idea of emailing your list each day might seem crazy. Won’t people get sick of hearing from you every day? Won’t you lose all your subscribers? I recently started sending a daily email to my list and, in this podcast episode, I share the surprising results.

[403] How to build your online audience using competitions and giveaways

Would you love to know how you to build your audience using competitions and giveaways? If you’ve ever wondered how to run a competition or giveaway and how you can use this to build your audience on social media – then you’ll love this podcast episode – with Mark Simpson founder of Boostly and worldwide

[402] The surprising reason your Instagram account isn’t growing (and how to fix it)

Are you feeling frustrated with your Instagram growth? In this episode, I share the surprising reason your account isn’t growing (even though you’re posting consistently, using relevant hashtags and/or spending time engaging on other peoples’ accounts). and show you how to fix it.  {Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or