[365] Why your Facebook page isn’t getting enough engagement (and what to do about it)

Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement with your Facebook page?  You’re posting regularly but your reach is poor. Your posts are only attracting a handful of likes and comments - leaving you wondering if it’s worth having a page at all.  If this sounds like you, the first thing you need to know... READ MORE

[364] How to deal with difficult clients or customers

Do you ever have clients or customers who seem impossible to please? If you’re a coach or consultant, these typically show up as clients who sign up to work with you…and then don’t do the work. But somehow they try to make it feel like it's all your fault. If you have a product-based business,... READ MORE

[361] 15 post ideas for your Facebook group

Do you ever feel all out of ideas for your Facebook group?  Or maybe you’re just tired of posting the same old stuff and/or looking for ideas to boost engagement in your group.  This list of go-to posts will you keep you going...even when you’re feeling at your most uninspired.  {Click on the player above... READ MORE

[357] How to transform your Facebook group from ghost town to garden party

Does your Facebook group feel like a ghost town? You’re showing up regularly, but you’re not getting much engagement.  In fact you may be wondering if it’s worth bothering having a group at all. If this sounds  familiar, you’ll love this podcast episode with Bella Vasta.  In it she shares tons of valuable advice including... READ MORE

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