[450] How to bounce back from a failed launch with Natalie Sisson

Have you ever launched a course or product that flopped – leaving you wondering where you went wrong?  If this sounds familiar you’ll love this podcast episode with business coach Natalie Sisson.  Natalie explains how to bounce back from a failed launch and shares her experience of a launch that flopped (and the BIG lessons

Invitation to my Podcast Wrap Party

Join me to celebrate my Build Your Online Audience podcast. My Build Your Online Audience Podcast is ending at episode 450 and I’d love you to join me at my podcast wrap party on Friday 26 March 2021 at 4 pm – 6 pm GMT. I’ve invited all my podcast guests from the past five

[449] How to create a crisis plan for your content

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your content if you needed to take time out of your business?  Do you have content batched and scheduled ahead? Or would your content grind to a halt until you were able to get back to work?  If you’re like many business owners I know, creating a

[BONUS] Why I’m ending the Build Your Online Audience podcast (plus what’s coming next)

In this episode, I explain why I’m ending this podcast in two episodes time (episode 450). I share the reasons why and what’s coming up next (don’t panic – I’m not giving up podcasting all together). If you’re a regular listener to the show, THANK YOU so much for your support. {Click on the player

[447] Women in podcasting: why we need more women’s voices on podcasts

Did you know that just one in three podcast hosts are women? And just 21% of chart-topping podcast hosts are female? Even though almost as many women listen to podcasts as men.  So what holds women back from launching a podcast? And why do so few women who DO start a podcast hit the top

[437] How to create a content plan you can actually stick to with Osmaan Sharif

Do you struggle to stick to a content plan for your business? Perhaps you find it hard to be consistent week in and week out? Maybe you start with great intentions every year and then before you know it, you’ve missed a week and you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’re struggling to show up