[389] How to find your niche (and why you need to) with Jo Soley

Ever wondered if the day you were born can affect your life, work and business? In this podcast episode about how to find your niche – business and marketing coach Jo Soley shares how she decided to take the bold move to niche her coaching business to specialise in numerology. Jo uses the power of

[376] Lessons learned from one million downloads of my podcast

Want to know how I’ve managed to publish a new podcast episode every week for the past four years?  How I have managed to stay consistent, to show up every week, in fact, twice a week to start with and put a podcast episode out there? This podcast answers your questions and more and is

1300 business owners registered for my webinar. Here’s how I did it

I ran a webinar today – a content planning workshop for 2018 – that had 1300 registrants. Here’s how I made it happen. I sent four marketing emails and posted about it a few times on Facebook. Sounds pretty impressive, right? But while it’s true to say I sent four emails and posted a few

Five online tools I couldn’t be without

Want to be more productive in 2016? Me too. This week’s round up is a list of tools that are saving me time and making my life easier right now. I’d love to hear about yours… I’ve just started using Meet Edgar for my social media scheduling and it’s brill. As with most scheduling tools, you

Three ways you can rock at PR in 2016

Has PR been on your to-do list for a while? Have you been putting it off until you have more time, money or a better website (or something other excuse entirely)…? Maybe you’ve had some media coverage already. But you want to go bigger and better: more national coverage, more prestigious titles or get yourself

What to do when you feel like giving up

I’ve run two marathons and the hardest part was definitely the last 800m. Both times round, I remember seeing the 800m marker and thinking there was no way I could make it to the next one (600m). And the next one (400m). And the next one (200m). And the next one (the finish). Even at the