Want more press coverage? Stop talking about your business...

There’s no way of putting this nicely: Journalists aren’t interested in your business. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that it isn’t their responsibility to help you promote your product, service or brand. Their job is creating content that's a perfect fit for their audience. So anything that looks like advertising (unless it’s paid for and... READ MORE

Want to pick my brain about PR? Then read this...

The great thing about being a PR specialist, is that almost everyone I meet (in a professional capacity, anyway) wants to know how to get coverage in magazines, newspapers and on radio and TV. But while I love  talking to people about how to get media coverage, there just isn't enough time in the day to answer... READ MORE

The surprisingly obvious thing most people miss in their PR strategy

How many of these things have you done this week? Researched a publication/programme you’d like to get coverage in Written a press release or pitch to a journalist   Sent a press release or pitch to a journalist   Quite possibly all three. But how many conversations have you had with journalists this week? I... READ MORE

What to do when you feel icky about PR...

If you’ve clicked on this post, there’s probably something about PR that doesn’t sit quite right with you at the moment. It could be that you run your own business - or have been asked to take on ‘PR’ in your job - and the idea of pitching journalists makes you feel a bit, well,... READ MORE

Five easy ways to get press coverage

Have you ever wanted to know how some people manage to get fabulous coverage for their business or brand? You know the kind of people: the ones whose just keep popping up in newspapers, magazines or radio and TV. Over and over again. It's not about having great connections with journalists (although, invariably, they do). Nor... READ MORE

This Little Piggy Got Some Press Coverage...and so can you

Sarah Poole owns Westenhanger Castle - a wedding venue and conference centre in the South East of England. Over the last few weeks, she’s been quoted in the Daily Telegraph and the Independent. She’s also made numerous radio and TV appearances on the BBC and ITV. But she hasn’t been talking about the beautiful weddings... READ MORE

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