Woman looking through her fingers with fear

[003] Fear free pitching


Do you feel nervous about pitching to journalists? Have you ever held back from pitching a story idea because you were worried your idea would be rejected or ignored? Do you sometimes spot a media story and think ‘that could have been ME? If only I’d had the guts to…

[002] Why press releases are dead (but you should write them anyway)


If you run your own business, being able to write a press release is a useful skill to have. But what information should you include in a press release and who should you send it to? How do you find the right journalist to send your press release to? And…

Janet Murray in her shedquarters looking at magazines and talking about PR

[001] What exactly is PR?


Pretty much every entrepreneur I meet wants to know how to get PR for their business. The problem is, although they know it could be great news for their business, they’re not always sure what PR is and are sometimes a bit embarrassed to ask. So what better way to launch…

Janet Murray on a blue sofa with her laptop talking about PR

[000] Welcome to the Soulful PR podcast


The Soulful PR podcast is a weekly show for entrepreneurs who want to get media coverage in magazines, newspapers, and on radio and TV. I use my experience as a journalist and editor on national UK titles like the Guardian to share insider tips on how to get great media coverage….