[383] How to get your podcast live in 60 days

Would you love to launch a podcast in 2020, but are not sure how to get started? If so, this episode is for you. In it, I take you step-by-step through how to start a podcast that will help attract leads and sales for you business. There's actionable advice on how to choose a topic... READ MORE

[376] Lessons learned from one million downloads of my podcast

Want to know how I've managed to publish a new podcast episode every week for the past four years?  How I have managed to stay consistent, to show up every week, in fact, twice a week to start with and put a podcast episode out there? This podcast answers your questions and more and is... READ MORE

[363] Five ways to bust through an audience growth plateau

If you’re struggling to grow your audience on social media, the temptation is to keep trying more and more new marketing strategies.  But this can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and overworked. And when you’re spreading yourself too thin - you can end up doing lots of things not very well - which can actually... READ MORE

These podcasts will make your business more profitable

I'm all about the podcasts this week, having just launched my own. So this week's round up post is a collection of my podcasts that will make your business more profitable. I'd love to get your feedback: are there any you'd add to my list? Do share your thoughts in the comments box below. The... READ MORE

Ten things I learned from launching a podcast...

So...I've finally launched my podcast. It's called the Soulful PR Podcast and if you're an entrepreneur looking build influence, grow your email list, social media followers - and your business -  by getting top notch media coverage, I think you'll love it. My solo shows dig into the practical stuff: what journalists are looking for... READ MORE

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