PR Tips

How to use newsjacking to get media coverage for your business

If you want to get media coverage for your business or brand, there are three main ways to go about it: Pitch your own ideas directly to journalists (I explain how to do this here) Respond to journalists’ requests via the #journorequest hashtag or tools like Response Source  ‘Piggyback’ on topical news stories (commonly known as... READ MORE

How to tell your story in the media (without being boring)...

We all love telling stories. What’s more, we’re generally pretty good at it. Each and every one of us has our own ‘library’ of stories to draw from when we want to impress, empathise or entertain. Mine include: a government minister shaking his fist at me in parliament, being airlifted to hospital following a car... READ MORE

How to use guest content to grow your audience

Creating guest content in the form of blog posts or podcast interviews can be a great way to promote your business or brand. But how do you find out which blogs and podcasts are looking for content? What’s the best way to pitch to bloggers and podcasters? And how is guest content different from mainstream media... READ MORE

How to write emails journalists will actually read

Most journalists get hundreds of press releases and email pitches every day - many of which get deleted unopened. Here’s how to write an email pitch to a journalist they'll actually read. 1.Use the subject header to ‘sell’ your story A concise subject header that summarises your story (ideally in ten words or less) is... READ MORE

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