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12 things you should read if you work from home

I've been working at home for 15 years now and, while love it, it also has its challenges - from managing interruptions from family and friends (you're at home, so you can't possibly be working, right?) to learning how to switch off. So this week's round-up is a collection of things you should read if you work from... READ MORE

Want more freedom in business and life? 15 uplifting reads to get you started...

The thing I love most about running my own business is the freedom to work when, where and exactly how I want. It’s not always perfect, but as I say in this Guardian article, I love having a life where I get to make up the rules.  I believe it’s always possible to create more freedom in... READ MORE

Read these ten things to attract more money into your life and business...

I’ve had money on my mind this week (more on that later), so here’s a selection of my favourite reads on the subject. 13 books you should read to grow your business, make more money and enhance your life (or so says Kate Northrup). I can personally recommend 1 and 5. I’m not a big... READ MORE

Nine things you should read if your business feels messy right now

When you run your own business there are times when everything feels overwhelming. You’re not sure if you’re heading in the right direction. You can’t seem to make a decision about anything. Some days, you’re not sure if you should have a business at all. Here’s nine of the best blog posts to see you... READ MORE

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