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[382] How to create content that sells with Andrew & Pete

Want to know how to create content that sells (without feeling 'icky' about asking for the sale)? You need to listen to this podcast interview with Andrew and Pete, which was recorded live at my annual content planning masterclass 2020 Sorted. Andrew and Pete have spoken all over the world about content marketing, including Social Media... READ MORE

[381] How to use awareness days to create engaging content for your business

Want to know how to use awareness days to create engaging content to promote your business?  In this podcast episode I explain how to use awareness days to create engaging, relevant content that will help you engage your ideal customers/clients -and make sales. I explain the four types of content you should be sharing regularly... READ MORE

[380] How to set goals for audience growth in 2020 (and why you need to)

Would you love to know how to set realistic social media and online audience growth targets? How much is enough? Or maybe you’re thinking you don’t need to grow your online audience and are happy with how it is? Maybe if you can get the target number of clients that you need through your current... READ MORE

[379] How to grow your Instagram followers by 1k in 30 days

Are you trying to grow your following on Instagram, but things aren't moving as fast as you'd like? Fed up with people telling you to “just post more pictures of yourself” to get more followers? But how do you know if that is actually what your ideal client or customers want to see? Would you... READ MORE

[378] How to use hashtags to build your online audience

Mystified about hashtags? No idea where or how you should be using them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? In this episode I explain hashtags and give an introduction to how you can use hashtags to grow your online audience. I share my strategy on how I have successfully been building my Instagram followers using... READ MORE

[376] Lessons learned from one million downloads of my podcast

Want to know how I've managed to publish a new podcast episode every week for the past four years?  How I have managed to stay consistent, to show up every week, in fact, twice a week to start with and put a podcast episode out there? This podcast answers your questions and more and is... READ MORE

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