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[374] How to create a year’s worth of content in a morning

Would you love to know how to plan a year's worth of content for your business in just a few hours? In this podcast episode, I explain how to create a year long content plan for your business.  I show you how to break your planning down into manageable steps: annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and... READ MORE

[373] How to get more followers on any social media platform

Want to sell more of your products or services online? Getting more of your ideal customers/clients to follow you on social media can help - a lot.  But how do you increase your social media followers? Do you need to use different strategies for different social media platforms e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram? And... READ MORE

[371] How to develop a Facebook page strategy

Want to improve your Facebook page engagement? Creating a strategy that sets out what you’re going to post, when and where will help a lot. This doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need to decide on the following: How regularly you are going to post on your Facebook page What days and times you... READ MORE

[370] How sharing personal experiences can boost engagement on your Facebook page

Over the past few days, I’ve shared with you the four types of post that will attract engagement on your Facebook page. These are: I need to know this I know about that This is what I think I know how that feels Over the past few days, you’ve tackled the first three types of... READ MORE

[369] Why opinionated content works well for your Facebook page (and how to do it well)

People love to share their ideas - particularly on divisive topics. That’s why content that asks people to state their opinions generally works well on your Facebook page.  I generally refer to this as ‘This is what I think’ content.  This is one of four types of content that generate lots of engagement.  I need... READ MORE

[368] How asking questions can help you get engagement on your Facebook page (and how to ask brilliant ones)

Asking questions can be a great way to get engagement on your Facebook  page. People love to share their ideas, so content that asks people to state their preferences generally works a treat.  This can be anything from asking people which version of your new logo they prefer, to whether you should stock the blue... READ MORE

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