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[385] How to sell on Instagram Stories (without feeling sleazy)

Instagram Stories is a fantastic tool you can use to attract your ideal customers/clients. But if you’re not familiar with how it works, it can all feel a bit confusing. In this podcast episode I explain how to use Instagram Stories to make more sales in your business, including what kind of content you should... READ MORE

[384] How to be more 'yourself' in your social media content

Have you ever agonised over a social media post, or felt nervous and then deleted it or over-thought your post to the point where you don’t post anything at all? Or maybe you've worried that it was a bit too personal? If you’ve ever struggled with overthinking what you post or worried about being judged... READ MORE

[383] How to get your podcast live in 60 days

Would you love to launch a podcast in 2020, but are not sure how to get started? If so, this episode is for you. In it, I take you step-by-step through how to start a podcast that will help attract leads and sales for you business. There's actionable advice on how to choose a topic... READ MORE

[382] How to create content that sells with Andrew & Pete

Want to know how to create content that sells (without feeling 'icky' about asking for the sale)? You need to listen to this podcast interview with Andrew and Pete, which was recorded live at my annual content planning masterclass 2020 Sorted. Andrew and Pete have spoken all over the world about content marketing, including Social Media... READ MORE

[381] How to use awareness days to create engaging content for your business

Want to know how to use awareness days to create engaging content to promote your business?  In this podcast episode I explain how to use awareness days to create engaging, relevant content that will help you engage your ideal customers/clients -and make sales. I explain the four types of content you should be sharing regularly... READ MORE

[380] How to set goals for audience growth in 2020 (and why you need to)

Would you love to know how to set realistic social media and online audience growth targets? How much is enough? Or maybe you’re thinking you don’t need to grow your online audience and are happy with how it is? Maybe if you can get the target number of clients that you need through your current... READ MORE

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