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How to use social media to stand out at a live event

Live events can be busy and you may not get the chance to speak to every single person you’d like to on the day. Engaging on social media - before, during and after the event - not only helps you connect with more people. It can also make you more memorable to speakers and other... READ MORE

How to write a blog post about an event you've attended

If you’re attending a live event, creating a blog/vlog about your experience, can be a great way help you reflect on your experience and share what you’ve learned with your own audience. But how do you put together a follow-up blog post? What should it include? How long should it be? And how can you... READ MORE

5 reasons to blog about attending a live event

If you’re attending a live event, there’s a good chance you’ll be taking photos, video and sharing your experience on social media. Here’s five reasons why you should turn that content into a blog/vlog after the event. 1.It will help you process your learning Attending a live event can be overwhelming. There is so much information... READ MORE

How to take part in a Twitter chat (and why it’s good PR for your business)

If you’re looking to build relationships with liked-minded business owners - and prospective customers - taking part in Twitter chats can be a good move. But what exactly are Twitter chats, how do you find ones that are relevant to your business and how do you take part? Read on and find out. What is... READ MORE

Which UK marketing and PR conferences should you attend in 2017?

If you’re looking to grow your business, attending live conferences and workshops is a great way to gain knowledge, skills and new opportunities. But attending live events can be expensive - particularly if you have to factor in travel, accommodation and food on top of the cost your ticket. So how do you know which... READ MORE

11 reasons to attend Media Influence Live 2018

Attending conferences and workshops is undoubtedly one of best things you can do for your business. Taking a break from your daily routine to invest in your own learning and personal development can spark new ideas and relationships that can have an impact on the bottom line. But deciding which conferences and workshops to attend... READ MORE

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