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How to connect with journalists on social media (without feeling like a crazy stalker)...

For people who ‘do’ communications for a living, journalists can be a pretty difficult to get hold of. They don’t pick up their phones, answer emails or respond to invites (not without a lot of prompting, anyway). Which can be sooo frustrating if you’re trying to pitch a story. If you want to increase your... READ MORE

How to tell your story in the media (without being boring)...

We all love telling stories. What’s more, we’re generally pretty good at it. Each and every one of us has our own ‘library’ of stories to draw from when we want to impress, empathise or entertain. Mine include: a government minister shaking his fist at me in parliament, being airlifted to hospital following a car... READ MORE

Why we don't offer refunds and transfers

If you’ve bought a ticket for a Soulful PR event and now find you can’t attend, you may be wondering why we can’t offer you a refund or transfer to another event. I’ve put this post together to help you understand why. Refunds There are considerable costs involved in putting on a live event, including... READ MORE

73 ideas for building your email list

If you're an online business owner, building your email list is THE most important thing you can do to grow your business. Having recently launched my first online PR training programme, I've been thinking a lot about list building lately, so this week's round-up post is a collection of great reads (and listens) on the... READ MORE

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